10 Easy Rules of Top 10 Boarding Schools in England

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Prepping your children for life in a boarding school in England is an important step to help their transition from traditional schooling to boarding. Boarding school life can be quite demanding especially for the new kids in town, but following these rules will sure help your children survive and thrive in the boarding school system:

  • Always treat the transition as a ‘privilege’ and as an ‘opportunity’ to learn new things. This way, the thought of having to leave home and live by themselves can become less intimidating and fearsome.
  • You can also ease your children into independence by letting them have the house for themselves, without a sitter, at least a few nights leading up to their transfer.
  • Give them exercises and experiences of independence like taking the bus to local shops or to meet with their friends alone.
  • Encourage them to make friends with their classmates to be, way before they start boarding. This will help them settle in the new environment a lot easier than going into the battle field blind.
  • Make sure that your children have everything they need based on their school kit list. Make a checklist of your own so you can double check whether or not they have their books, kits, and perhaps their uniforms ready.
  • Draw up the map or the plan of the school and mark their routes to help them navigate better and keep them from getting lost during their first days.
  • Talk about strategies to battle homesickness. This will definitely help them battle the challenge of being away from home for long periods.
  • Discuss any special needs or special attention your child may have/need with school administrators and staff.
  • Keep communication lines open all the time.
  • Talk about the new school over visits or over holidays to keep them motivated to keep coming back.
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