Abbey College With BBS

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Abbey College is one of UK top boarding schools with a huge heart and dedicated for education. The aim of Abbey College is to give its students an unique education and to prepare them for the future grown up life.

Abbey College Cambridge will prepare your child for  the General Certificate of Education at A-level. At Abbey we have rather small classes because it enables pupils to be taken care of separately by teachers. The successes in education of Abbey College Cambridge students are pretty impressive and there is no necessity to add anything more. Our results have placed the college as one of the very top and best independent 6th form colleges in Great Britain. In the 2012 A-level examinations were passed with the following results: grade A* 40%, grade A*/A 72% and grade A*/B 89%.

Because we are really focused on our students education there are some methods that we follow in order to do so. First of all our teaching is concentrated mainly on successful examinations so we enable such things as: weekly testing, supporting tutorials, pastoral tutorials. Furthermore, our pupils are successful at studying law, medicine or veterinary.

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