Affordable boarding schools – is it possible?

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Best Boarding Schools has a new partner to help with fees for UK boarding schools.

EDEN was created by Robin Baker and Gavin Crisp, two fully qualified financial advisors with over 17 years financial services experience working with major IFA firms.

Believing that school fees planning should be about providing expert advice and not about selling financial products is central to why we developed the unique EDEN proposition.

They do not sell any financial products and therefore they do not rely upon commissions from product providers. They work purely and solely in your best interests.

They are completely independent which enables them to explore all options for you without any bias towards any financial product providers.

They believe in providing value to our clients in an honest and open fashion. If they do not believe we can help you, they will let you know straightaway.

Their aim is to build long term and trusted relationships. Thjey do this by taking time to really understand what’s important to you, finding where school fees fit into your financial life and by ensuring your school fees plan adapts to changes as life unfolds.
To help new clients feel at ease they offer a simple guarantee: If you are in any way dissatisfied with their school fees plan and they cannot adequately address the issue they will gladly refund the cost of your plan.

Gavin Crisp Director
Gavin Crisp
Robin Baker Director
Robin Baker
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