BBS featured school offers Albert College, Belleville Canada

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Belleville,CanadaBelleville is located on the mouth of the Moira River and it is the seat of Hastings County. This is also a city known as “The friendly City” which is not only a great place to visit but also a great place to stay, work, study and live!

What is more Belleville has a great position in the industrial, commercial and recreational life of Ontario. Because of its great location between Toronto and Montreal this outstanding city may be described ad referred to as “A city on the move.”

AlbertCollegeWhat is also important is that this city is constantly changing and developing and tourists may find here some new parks and recreational facilities which were built up in recent years.

This is definitely one of the best American high school which can be offered for your child! This is also one of top boarding schools in Canada which is the oldest day and boarding school in Belleville.

We want our students to have the best memories from their school years and this is why we combine pleasure with learning. At Albert College we have an indoor swimming pool, two squash courts, a fitness room and number of sports fields outside.

We also want our students to be globally oriented that is why we organize some meetings when we are talking about important issues of the contemporary world.

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