Amazing UK!

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uklogoWhen you study in good boarding schools in England you should know everything about name forms and abbreviations.First of all, the conventional long form of the United Kingdom is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales.

However, many people use just the abbreviation UK and the conventional short form is the United Kingdom. You should know about that because after a while in boarding school you will have to start talking like a truly British people!!!

Today we shall present some interesting facts about “drinking and drinks” in the UK. We think that it might be interesting for students from best boarding schools in England. First of all, London has the credit for the first hot chocolate store ever opened. It might be surprising because we associate hot chocolate with Belgium.

drinkAnother fact is that the English drink the most tea in the world. This is definitely the fact of the day!!! When it comes to “getting drunk” it is against the law to get drunk in a pub in England and in Scotland, it is against the law to get drunk and possess a cow.

We hope that it was interesting for you!

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