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Board gameThere are hundreds of renowned boarding schools throughout the Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Asia. Selecting the right one can be a difficult and time consuming process. Not many international parents have the resources needed to identify the best choices for boarding school.

That’s where the specialty services of Best Boarding Schools and its Associates play a vital role. Best Boarding School are located in London and its staff of educational consultants offer a high quality bespoke independent assistance to firms relocating employees, students and families, helping them choose and register to the top residential schools.

As Best Boarding Schools Associates travels across the world to visit hundreds of boarding schools every year – meeting with admission directors, headmasters, teachers and students, touring campuses, and learning about the current campus culture

A Full Range of Educational Placement Services

Our experts schools placement includes a full range of services:

  • Consultations with and support for the family throughout the planning process, and for the entire term of placement in boarding school

  • Complete student evaluation (academic records, student’s activities and interests, strengths and weaknesses, goals, time management)
  • Searching for the boarding schools where the student will be most successful in terms of academics, sport, music, personal development, religion, location, and campus culture
  • Assisting with finding right guardian and host families all over the world

  • Finding the best language courses and summer camps for effective language learning process before the boarding schools exams
  • Finding the right tutors for any school subject in any country
  • Creating a student profile

  • Providing the student and parents with information about advantages of each chosen boarding school
  • Preparing a student and parents to make the most of boarding school touring, evaluations and interviews, summarizing the findings
  • Communicating with school admission directors throughout the planning and application process

  • Review of student’s academic and other progress throughout the whole term of boarding school placement
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