Boy Boarding Schools – Get Into a New Life of Experiences

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While they may seem old-fashioned, single-gender boarding schools education is still the predominant model—and there are many evidences indicating that this approach is still superior to co-educational methods. Boys’ boarding schools offer several advantages you might not see in co-ed academic environments.

1. Gender-Specific Learning Methods

Boys and girls have different learning patterns, especially in their younger years. By dividing students by gender, boarding schools are able to use more precise learning models and ensure that the children learn more effectively.

2. Confidence Building

Interestingly, studies consistently show that boys do better at academic exams and are more participative in extracurricular activities when separated from girls. An experiment done in 1995 showed that after a sample of middle-schoolers were separated by gender, students almost instantaneously started to speak up more, display a lot more confidence, and achieve more in general.

3. Great Involvement in Extra Curricular Activities

Boys’ boarding schools provide plenty of opportunities to engage in sports, pursue other extracurriculars, and join clubs that they may otherwise skip in favour of sneaking out to meet girls at the movies. Students who participate in extra-curricular activities are often seen as more attractive college applicants. They are also likelier to receive scholarships.

4. Better College Preparation

The boarding school model is very similar to that of university dorm life. When your son attends boarding school, he essentially prepares for a more challenging university environment.

Contrary to what you might think, single-sex boys’ boarding schools today are far from the cold-hearted institutions they were depicted as before. Though they seem outdated, these academic institutions continue to offer some of the best instructional methods in the world, and can very well be the best choice for your son. Talk to an academic placement specialist in Boy Boarding Schools to find out about what options are available.

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