Common Misconceptions About Boarding Schools in Manchester

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There is a lot of misconceptions around boarding schools that are making parents apprehensive about sending their kids to school in a boarding facility, regardless how prestigious the school may be. Here are some myth busting insights to help you clear up some misunderstandings you may have about boarding schools in Manchester:


  • Contrary to popular belief, boarding schools are far from being parent-free zones. Children aren’t necessarily “abandoned’ to be reared by others in a boarding school. Parents don’t simply drop their children off in front of their boarding house and return to pick them up months later. The best boarding schools see to it that children’s parents are very much involved in the development of students. Not only do they encourage open communication with the children, they also offer plenty of opportunities for parents to see their kids in action through school concerts, sports matches, and other such activities. At-home weekends and breaks are also implemented to make sure that parents are very much in the lives of children even as they board away from home.


  • Boarding schools are also far from being austere and stiff institutions where children don’t have any freedom. Movie depictions of boarding school life may be prison-like, with very strict rules and terror headmasters and teachers. In reality, boarding schools offer a very nurturing environment, where children can truly maximise their potential and be free to discover themselves and acquire new interests.


  • Another popular misconception about boarding schools is that they are only for the rich and the affluent. While many boarding schools do ask for high fees, these only reflect the quality of education and facilities that they offer. Even so, the most prestigious boarding schools offer financial aid to students who may need assistance when it comes to paying for their education.
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