Facilities Available At Boarding High Schools in England

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British boarding schools are not just known for offering the best pastoral care and world-class education to their pupils. They are known for their excellent facilities, too. Boarding high schools in England, for instance, offer modern and well-equipped classrooms, despite some of them being housed in historic buildings or set in rural surroundings. It is the facilities that can ensure the students’ comfort, socialisation, entertainment, and proper education, too. Here is an overview of some of the facilities that you can expect in boarding high schools in England:

  • Library – Libraries at boarding high schools are well-staffed. The staff themselves are knowledgeable to supervise the students in their study, too. Qualified librarians can provide tutorial and learning resources to support independent learning.
  • Laboratory – Science laboratories are well-appointed and well-equipped to provide instructors and pupils all the resources they need to conduct and carry out experiments and tests in safe and secure facilities. There are designated areas for lectures and practical work, too, and the staff has been trained for safety. All laboratories are regularly serviced and assured for safety, too.
  • Sports and play grounds – Recreation is important to students, and boarding high schools in England know that. So, most of them have designated grounds for playing sports and other physical activities to encourage students to be fit, active, and healthy. There may be football fields and areas for playing other sports, too, such as tennis and cricket.
  • Dormitories – Boarding high schools in England would not be called as such without the proper boarding facilities for students. Dorm rooms are clean and spacious, and well-appointed to ensure the comfort and safety of students. They are conducive for studying, too, with sturdy study desks, efficient lighting, and electrical outlets where laptops can be plugged.
  • Dining halls – These are not merely places to eat. They can be venues for socialisation among students during breaks, too.
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