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Living and studying abroad can be a very exciting time for children, especially when you want to introduce them to other cultures. International boarding schools offer great diversity and often have the strongest educational and extracurricular programs, allowing children to reach their full potential and become prepared for future engagements. Finding the best fit for your child can be quite a challenge, especially with the number of good educational institutions across the globe. The best way to find the most suitable school for your child is by consulting online resources that specialize in boarding schools worldwide. These resources will assist you not only in finding and choosing a good school, but will also assist you through the admission process, ensuring that your child has the best chances of getting in. Here is a useful checklist that you can use in weighing the details as well as the pros and cons of the potential schools for your child:

  1. School demographics. Your choices include day or boarding schools, and co-ed or single sex institutions. Find out the average number of students and boarders that the school admits at any given school year as well as the kind of diversity the student body offers. Ask about the number of faculty and the student to faculty ratio to make sure your child is well supervised.
  1. Administration and faculty. It also pays to know how long the headmaster or the principal has been in office as well as the number of faculty members with advanced degrees under their belt.
  1. Curriculum and instruction. Ask about IB offerings, the number of AP courses, technology integration/religious emphasis, as well as the teaching methods that the school offers.
  1. Campus and facilities. Consider the general appearance of the school, its athletics facilities and sports programs, arts facilities, and find out if they have all the amenities that your child cannot live without.
  1. Location. Consider whether the school is in a rural, urban, convenient, or isolated location.
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