How to Choose a Boarding School in the USA

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Sending your children to a boarding school can be beneficial to their academic career, and eventually their professional lives. Selecting an institution is a critical decision that you should make not for them, but with them. When choosing a boarding school in the USA, keep in mind the following guidelines to help you make the best decision:

  1. Remember that there is no single "best boarding school." The truth is, every child has unique needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. The matter of which is ‘best’ therefore is completely subjective. Just as students have varying needs, schools also have varying programs and offer different advantages. The key is finding the best match for your child.
  1. Know how far you are willing to go or send your child. There are great advantages and disadvantages of having your child living/studying halfway across the world or across the country. Discuss this thoroughly with everyone in the family.
  1. Academic proficiency is a non-negotiable. Boarding schools are known to have some of the strongest academic programs in the world. The challenge is to find a boarding school in the United States that specializes in your child’s academic interests. There are online resources that you can turn to if you need help trimming down your choices to schools that have good computer programs, science programs, etc.
  1. Find schools offering extracurricular activities that complement your child’s interests. Know which activities your child can’t live without—whether it’s riding or music—and find the institution that offers those activities.
  1. Take advantage of the ‘trial run.’ Many boarding schools in the USA offer trial run lasting a few days to a week. During this short stay, your child gets a feel of what it’s like to study and live in their facility. If your target school does not offer this kind of liberty, make sure that you at least visit the place and get a comprehensive tour of the facility.
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