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The International Baccalaureate curriculum can be characterised by active and creative cross-cultural education. Recipients of IB diplomas gain educational credits that are recognised by universities worldwide, making IB boarding schools in UK ideal options for international students looking to expand their horizons, all the while gaining school credit that they can use to get into the most sought after and prestigious universities around the world. The main goal of IB education is creating responsible and socially conscious adults who use their knowledge, capabilities, and cross-cultural education for the greater good and to uphold world peace. In recent years, IB boarding schools and school programs have increased both in number and popularity, with more IB programs in private and public schools than ever. IB boarding schools are most notable for the way that classroom work is dictated or influenced by the queries and interests of students. This is far from the traditional classroom approach wherein teachers design lessons based on a departmentalised curriculum. In an IB classroom, students help steer the direction of learning through their inquiries, much like the Socratic method of teaching. Lessons are developed from the exchange of ideas and dialogue between teachers and students as opposed to being set in stone. Additionally, IB boarding schools use a trans-disciplinary educational style, wherein subjects are taught in various disciplines (i.e.
children may study dinosaurs in science and then paint them in their art class).
International Baccalaureate programs are also big on cross-cultural features. The best example of this is learning other cultures as part of the curriculum and perhaps even studying a second or third language. Most IB graduates achieve fluency in their chosen second language. In many cases, foreign language is used to teach certain subjects, encouraging students to learn the language and expand their linguistic abilities. Many students and parents become attracted to the IB curriculum because of the international nature of the program. IB courses are excellent training grounds to help students prepare for the demands of the increasingly global and interconnected world, in which language skills and cross-cultural understanding are much valued.

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