10 Unexpected Ways Prestigious Boarding Schools in England Can Make Your Life Better

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There are countless reasons why you should seriously consider sending your child to boarding school. From academics to athletics and extracurricular activities, boarding schools offer much, much more things to make life better for your child. Here are 10 unexpected ways that prestigious boarding schools in England can be good for your kid:


  • Boarding school teachers have high qualifications in the subjects they are teaching as well as in providing guidance to students. These experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their field of specialisation and are extremely passionate about imparting knowledge to the young people.


  • Boarding schools have impressive sports facilities. They also offer unique sports programs you will rarely find in traditional day schools.


  • Children who are into arts will benefit from superb art programs and facilities, from theatre to dance, fine arts, music, and other such artistic pursuits.


  • Living away from home will teach children how to cope with high and low points of life, under the watchful eyes of teachers who serve more than just educators and baby-sitters, but as mentors.


  • Boarding schools stretch children’s potential by giving them a packed curriculum that allow them to expand their ability to take on academic challenges.


  • Classes are composed of students from all parts of the world. In addition to cultural diversity, students in boarding schools also go through a rigorous admissions process, which ensures good competition amongst themselves.


  • The most prestigious boarding schools have well-stocked media centres and libraries where students can expand their knowledge.


  • Living independently teaches students how to be more responsible for themselves, their decisions, and the way they relate with others.


  • Classroom population in boarding schools are small and easily manageable by teachers so students can have ample attention, thus addressing their needs more efficiently.


  • Boarding school education yields smarter and more confident children thanks to rigorous academic and extracurricular programs.
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