Abbey College With BBS

Abbey College is one of UK top boarding schools with a huge heart and dedicated for education. The aim of Abbey College is to give its students an unique education and to prepare them for the future grown up life.

Abbey College Cambridge will prepare your child for  the General Certificate of Education at A-level. At Abbey we have rather small classes because it enables pupils to be taken care of separately by teachers. The successes in education of Abbey College Cambridge students are pretty impressive and there is no necessity to add anything more. Our results have placed the college as one of the very top and best independent 6th form colleges in Great Britain. In the 2012 A-level examinations were passed with the following results: grade A* 40%, grade A*/A 72% and grade A*/B 89%.

Because we are really focused on our students education there are some methods that we follow in order to do so. First of all our teaching is concentrated mainly on successful examinations so we enable such things as: weekly testing, supporting tutorials, pastoral tutorials. Furthermore, our pupils are successful at studying law, medicine or veterinary.

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Give Your Child the Best Schooling Experience

The path of education starts almost as soon as you are born. Initially, your learning processes don’t need any certificates but once you reach the right age level, you must join a certified educational institute. The same holds for your kids. Until few years back finding the right school for your little one was a tedious task. Adding to your burdens was the huge responsibility of finding the school that’s best for your child. This is a huge decision, which most of us dread and ponder upon for quite some time before we reach to the final conclusion. At such times we realise, how badly we need someone to guide us and take us to the best options in schooling institutes.

It gets tougher when you are sending your kids to overseas boarding schools. In case of local schools, you can still collect easy information. However, with state boarding schools or overseas boarding schools, you might not have the right source to provide you with the proper range of information. Under such circumstances taking the right decision becomes tougher.  This is when some innovative brains come together to gift you all that you need to know about best schools and boarding schools for your kids, be it in your area, state or in any other part of the globe. For instance, if you plan to send your kids to the Swiss boarding schools then searching through an online directory for the top schools worldwide would be of great help.

These websites not only provide you with the best advice and guidance, they also have professional consultants who get in touch with you once you have registered with their website. They personally deal with your situation and take note of your budgetary and your kid’s personal requirements before they suggest any school to you. Be it Ireland, Scotland, UK, Belgium, Denmark or Switzerland boarding school, these online platforms provide you with complete information about the school that will address your requirements the most. Additionally, if your child is specifically talented for any extra curricular activities, then these companies provide information about schools that help in grooming these talents. While searching for the right online directory for schools you should always go for the one that guides you throughout your journey.


Find the Best Education Providers Across the Globe


Education is the most important part in human life that starts from the very childhood but definitely has no ending. You can continue learning for as long as you want and for as long as you need to learn. However, just studying from any institute wouldn’t render you the quality of knowledge base you seek to create for yourself. Learning process should always be shouldered by the best institutes and with proper guidance from the most qualified teachers. Education in boarding schools have always been considered as the best in terms of both education and discipline and most parents aiming to give their kids a stronger schooling background, aspire to find the best boarding schools in their country and abroad. Previously, locating a good and disciplinary boarding school meant having some good contacts in your kitty. However, things are simplified now. You can easily search for information about the boarding schools of the top order from the various informative websites providing a complete range of details about the prospective schools you are eyeing.

Selecting the right school for your child is very important and equally tough, since you must follow certain criterion during your search. The most important criteria being suitability. You must find a school that will address your child’s requirements. Most of these websites have separate sections to walk you through the process of school searching. You can even interact with their specialists about the kind of schools that would suit your kids the best. These institutes are better known as boarding schools placements consultancies. These placements consultancies operate globally across more than 50 countries. Their information ranges from education in different countries, their schools and the processes involved in the visa system. These consultancies do an extensive research on the top boarding schools across the globe. The consultancies additionally guide you with information, if you are searching for boarding schools with residential facilities. The advisors working with the consultancies suggest a list of schools and boarding schools to suit your needs.

They need complete information about your children so that they can suggest you the schools where you can send your children for better education. They also require details about your kid’s extra curricular activities and interests to suggest the schools that provide grooming facilities for those skills. These consultancies take full responsibility of your kid’s school admission and they send you the school registration forms once you have selected the school that fulfills your expectations the best. Whether you are looking for boarding schools in New York, USA, England, UK, Canada, America, California, Ireland, Spain, Japan, Delhi, India, China, Australia or Switzerland, New Zealand and Germany, these consultancies have the right solutions lined up for you exclusively. A visit to their websites will help you understand their processes of functioning and their work profile as well. Reading through their websites carefully will help you learn about the various ways they can help you, and approach them accordingly. These consultancies are a good platform for the schools as well. The boarding school authorities can get their schools registered with these boarding school placement consultancies for wider reach among the overseas students.