Choose Private Boarding School:The Highest Level of Education


Private boarding schools are famous for the highest level of education and the most exclusive boarding and residential opportunities. This is not a myth as you may think. This is fact! We are sure that you want to find the best school for your child and we are sure that private boarding schools will give you this special feeling that your child is safe and grow up in the best environment possible!

Best private schools in London have a great offer for its students. We are talking here not only about education but also about some extra-curricular activities which are great fulfilment of free time. Your child will never get bored and his or her necessity for sport will be taken into consideration! London is not only the capital of England but also a beautiful place to study in!



Find Best Boarding Schools For Boys

Boarding schools for boys are concentrated on individual needs of each and every boy! This is not a mystery that boys are interested in different things than girls. This is not a mystery that they prefer to play other sports than girls! And again this is not a mystery that Best Boarding Schools will help you to find the best boarding schools for boys! All you have to do is just visit our website and check our wide offer of such facilities! We are sure that you will find something that will be interesting for you and your child!

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All about Heathfield School

Boarding schools in England for girls? The answer is YES, YES we can help you! We can help you find your boarding school which will be the best for you! Many people have some doubts whether boarding schools are not too risky for their children but we can assure you that this is actually the other way around! In such facilities your child is safe and sound! However, if you still have some doubts we can help you to get rid of them!

At UK boarding school there is always something going on! At Ascot we can already feel the atmosphere of upcoming Christmas!

On last Saturday we gave our students the possibility to see the unorthodox show of “Snow White”. The title of the play speaks for itself – “snow” is something strictly connected with Christmas and the girls were amazed and surprised to look at such a version of classic fairy tale!

This is something that we do – we combine pleasure with education and this is why our students are so proud to be a part of our school community!

We can assure you that this is one of the Best girls boarding schools in England!

Heathfield SchoolThis is a small school for girls but with huge possibilities for the future. You can feel here the atmosphere of home and you will never want to leave the people you meet here. Apart from a great education we can give our students the possibility to spend their free time in an active way. For us sport is a really important aspect of the school life and we can give our girls the best sport facilities that they can imagine.