Private Boarding Schools in England – The Development and Benefits They Bring

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Boarding schools have countless advantages over standard schooling, which is why more and more parents are choosing to send their children to institutions with more controlled learning environments than traditional schools. If you are thinking of sending your child to a private boarding school in England, do thorough research and seek advice on which type of school will be the best fit your son or daughter. Online resources that help you find great private boarding schools and boost your child’s chances of admission in top quality institutions are the best places to start when considering boarding school education for your child.

In addition to having highly qualified teachers and instructors who know how to best help your child reach her full potential, boarding schools also provide a venue where there is heightened interaction not only among students, but also between students and their teachers. Children who attend boarding schools in England are uniquely prepared for college and university life, with a huge percentage of graduates ending up in the finest universities. Students are also better prepared for the academic rigor that college brings because of their boarding school training.

Boarding school alumni are well conditioned for future success as they are very well encouraged to reach their full potential while in their early stages of development. Many studies show that those who graduated from boarding schools don’t only excel in college, but also advance rapidly in their careers and professional life. Boarding schools also bestow a unique sense of independence that students would not have learned living at home. This better prepares them for the responsibilities and challenges of adult life. More than the academic promise that boarding schools offer, they also instill invaluable values that children can take with them until they become adults.


Get Tips on Finding International Boarding Schools

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Living and studying abroad can be a very exciting time for children, especially when you want to introduce them to other cultures. International boarding schools offer great diversity and often have the strongest educational and extracurricular programs, allowing children to reach their full potential and become prepared for future engagements. Finding the best fit for your child can be quite a challenge, especially with the number of good educational institutions across the globe. The best way to find the most suitable school for your child is by consulting online resources that specialize in boarding schools worldwide. These resources will assist you not only in finding and choosing a good school, but will also assist you through the admission process, ensuring that your child has the best chances of getting in. Here is a useful checklist that you can use in weighing the details as well as the pros and cons of the potential schools for your child:

  1. School demographics. Your choices include day or boarding schools, and co-ed or single sex institutions. Find out the average number of students and boarders that the school admits at any given school year as well as the kind of diversity the student body offers. Ask about the number of faculty and the student to faculty ratio to make sure your child is well supervised.
  1. Administration and faculty. It also pays to know how long the headmaster or the principal has been in office as well as the number of faculty members with advanced degrees under their belt.
  1. Curriculum and instruction. Ask about IB offerings, the number of AP courses, technology integration/religious emphasis, as well as the teaching methods that the school offers.
  1. Campus and facilities. Consider the general appearance of the school, its athletics facilities and sports programs, arts facilities, and find out if they have all the amenities that your child cannot live without.
  1. Location. Consider whether the school is in a rural, urban, convenient, or isolated location.

How to Choose a Boarding School in the USA

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Sending your children to a boarding school can be beneficial to their academic career, and eventually their professional lives. Selecting an institution is a critical decision that you should make not for them, but with them. When choosing a boarding school in the USA, keep in mind the following guidelines to help you make the best decision:

  1. Remember that there is no single "best boarding school." The truth is, every child has unique needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. The matter of which is ‘best’ therefore is completely subjective. Just as students have varying needs, schools also have varying programs and offer different advantages. The key is finding the best match for your child.
  1. Know how far you are willing to go or send your child. There are great advantages and disadvantages of having your child living/studying halfway across the world or across the country. Discuss this thoroughly with everyone in the family.
  1. Academic proficiency is a non-negotiable. Boarding schools are known to have some of the strongest academic programs in the world. The challenge is to find a boarding school in the United States that specializes in your child’s academic interests. There are online resources that you can turn to if you need help trimming down your choices to schools that have good computer programs, science programs, etc.
  1. Find schools offering extracurricular activities that complement your child’s interests. Know which activities your child can’t live without—whether it’s riding or music—and find the institution that offers those activities.
  1. Take advantage of the ‘trial run.’ Many boarding schools in the USA offer trial run lasting a few days to a week. During this short stay, your child gets a feel of what it’s like to study and live in their facility. If your target school does not offer this kind of liberty, make sure that you at least visit the place and get a comprehensive tour of the facility.

Find the Perfect Boarding Schools for Your Child in Wales

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Choosing the best boarding school that will meet all of your child’s educational and socialization needs can be a daunting process, especially with all the promising institutions available. Before you make the decision, consider the following tips on selecting good Wales boarding schools for children of all ages:

  1. Identify potential candidates. Look at all your options to make sure that you don’t miss out on the good ones. Take time to explore your choice schools’ websites and resources, including testimonials from students, parents, and alumni. School websites are your best resource when it comes to comparing all the facilities and course offerings that they provide. Identifying highly rated boarding schools are also easier these days, thanks to specialised online resources that guide you through the entire process of selecting a good school and applying for admission.
  1. Narrow down your options. Short listing is a matter of putting your candidate schools into various categories and setting specific criteria. Your shortlist may include exclusive or co-ed schools, small or large schools, religious/non-denominational schools, arts/sports-inclined schools, special needs, or military schools, depending on your and your child’s preferences.
  1. Visit the school. Once you have narrowed down your choices to 3 to 4 boarding schools, it is important that you take time to visit all of them so your child can get the feel of the school’s environment as well as the culture.
  1. Get the more information on admissions testing. Most boarding schools use a standardized admissions test. Make sure that your child is prepared to take and ace these tests.
  1. Consider your child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses. In which boarding school in Wales do you think your child will thrive? If he or she is athletically inclined, perhaps you should choose a boarding school with a great athletics program. Is your teen looking for advanced placement credit? Would he or she prefer to study in a bilingual boarding school? Sit with your child and decide together.

Find the Best Boarding Schools for a Troubled Teen

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Therapeutic boarding schools may be the best hope for troubled teens who want to turn their lives around. These kinds of facilities offer 24/7 care and varying levels of education and therapy in structured surroundings, where children can maximise their potential and be free from the bondage of their past mistakes. Therapeutic boarding schools offer an enlightening environment that helps pubescent teens deal with and work through the attitudes, behaviours, and addictions that may have caused them trouble in the past. Selecting a boarding school for your troubled teen is all about finding a good program that best fits your child’s needs. Here are some tips you can follow to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Consult program websites – Online resources are very helpful in finding boarding schools with a good history of success in dealing with troubled children. These resources are great for investigating programs and institutions, their philosophies, as well as the range of services that they offer.
  1. Seek references – Contact the program for inquiries and to seek references of parents and/or teens, they have worked with in the past. This is the best way to find out whether or not their program works
  1. Involve your family members – Troubled teens need all the support they can get. Find a boarding school that has a strong program promoting family involvement. Therapeutic programs that include family support offer the best chances of success.
  2. Tour the facility – Take time to visit and tour the facility before enrolling your teen in a program. Get to know the counsellors, teachers, administrators, and even some of their residents and students.
  1. Know the cost of the program – Boarding schools often cost a lot, but you shouldn’t make your decision based solely on which school or facility offers the cheapest program. Weigh the pros and cons of each facility and factor in the cost to make the best decision.

Browse the net to get more information on top quality, best boarding schools available for troubled teen around the world.


Cardiff Sixth Form College (CSFC) Exceeds Expectations

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The Independent School Inspectorate recently undertook an inspection of Cardiff Sixth Form College (CSFC). CSFC has a reputation for excellence and the ISI Inspection findings support this. The summary of findings recognises that "The College exceeds expectations for the quality of education” and that all of the standards for Educational Oversight are not only deemed to have been met but also recognises that the quality of the work is of an excellent standard.

CSFC prides itself on inspiring students to reach their potential and achieve their aspirations. With a reputation for outstanding educational achievement, excellent facilities and enriching extracurricular activities, CSFC focuses on individual care, and inspires students to make the most of their unique talents. We are recognised as a top A-level provider in the UK. In 2013 our results were truly exceptional with 100% A*–B grades achieved. Within that was an amazing 94.7% A*–A grades.

The report summarises that:

  • The quality of curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievement is excellent.
  • Students receive an extremely good education in accordance with their objectives and aims of the college.
  • The courses offered fully meet students’ aspirations, provide clear routes to further study and, where appropriate, satisfy Home Office requirements.
  • Testing of students prior to and on arrival is highly effective in ensuring that students are placed on the right course in accordance with their abilities and career aspirations.
  • Teaching is excellent and ensures that high levels of progress are maintained.
  • Teachers have very good subject knowledge and use a wide range of effective teaching methods.
  • Feedback on assessments is thorough and clearly identifies suggestions for improvement.
  • Students make outstanding progress overall, which is evident through excellent attendance, completion rates and achievements in externally examined courses.

This phenomenal inspection result in our 10th Anniversary year demonstrates just how far CSFC have come since it was established in 2004. We are proud to share with you the full report on our website at http://www.ccoex.com/news.php?id=198


Debating Matters Regional Final Champions!

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On Thursday 13th March six CSFC students travelled to Bristol University to take part in the Regional Finals of the National Debating Matters competition. This is the third year running that the college has reached the regional finals.

In the first debate, Sasha Ang and Annie Lennon argued that smacking of children should not be banned. They were praised by judges for their concentration on the practicalities involved and their enthusiastic approach which resulted in them winning the round!

Not to be outdone, in the second debate Lebogang Sinvula and Clifford Sia Yin Shen presented the motion that internships are exploitive. Lebogang is to be congratulated on delivering her speech without using notes. Her presentation was poised and articulate. Clifford’s perceptive questions and calm statistical explanations were praised by the judges. Another win for Cardiff Sixth Form College!

In the final round Katenaat Shatnagar and Milind Girish competed against Stover School opposing the motion that attempts to radically extend the human lifespan should be welcomed not feared. They were praised by the judges for defending their position and not backing down. One of the judges stated: “Fantastic debate, high energy and the best debate competition for a long time”. Another win was notched up for Cardiff Sixth Form College, the only college on the day to win all of their rounds! They can now look forward to competing in the National Finals at the British Library in June.