International Girls Boarding Schools – Making their Mark in the World

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Any acclaimed school can encourage a student to develop the personality traits and academic discipline it takes to succeed in adult life. But international girls’ boarding schools offer many other advantages that local boarding school cannot match. To begin, these international schools immerse students in a ‘second-language academic environment’ that allow them to develop what is called ‘near-native’ skills. Graduates of international girls’ boarding schools are functionally bilingual. So if you want your daughter to be poised for easy transition into any of the top universities around the world, it’s time to consider enrolling her in one of the best international girls’ boarding school.

Most schools of this type accept young women ages 13 to 19. The academic program is designed to provide an exciting, enriching, and challenging structure that encourages girls to excel in their fields of interest. Some of the best international boarding schools for girls are located in Switzerland and the UK, but there is also a growing number of acclaimed institutions in Australia and the US.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a single-sex boarding school is that it lets girls learn and thrive without the distraction of the opposite sex. Studies have consistently shown that this type of instructional model encourages young women to become leaders. They are not forced into behavioural stereotypes and gender biases. Instead, they are encouraged to take risks and learn from failures. Young women who graduate from international girls’ boarding schools often have a strong sense of self worth. They often have a deep love of learning and are eager to grow intellectually, spiritually, and personally, functioning as effective leaders as well as team members.

The best international girl’s boarding schools have small class sizes to ensure individual attention. The girls learn to live together in a safe family-like community, developing lifelong friendships as they grow into independent young women. The multi-cultural setting teaches them to value the beliefs, traditions, and customs of others.


Find What Are the Advantages and Pitfalls of UK Boarding Schools

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A UK boarding school education can introduce your child to many opportunities. Probably the biggest benefit your child will earn from studying in such as institution is world-class academic competence. A UK boarding school can help him prepare for higher education while ensuring the privilege of getting accepted or recognised by most of the prestigious universities in the world. UK qualifications are respected and recognised worldwide.

UK boarding schools have excellent teachers who can provide the best support to your child’s learning experience. These institutions are focused on inspiring students to develop their knowledge and skills, while providing them with the freedom to be themselves and be creative so they can achieve their best potential.

Many UK boarding schools are located in breathtaking locations and housed in historical buildings, with advanced facilities comparable to the most modern classrooms. Excellent facilities can make the learning experience better and enjoyable, so students are inspired to prepare for their future career, improve their social and language skills, try new things, and gain a unique cultural advantage.

Studying in a UK boarding school allows your child to meet students from different countries and enjoy the unique and beautiful surroundings that England has to offer. Excursions can be arranged with their classmates, too. Activities and art are important in UK boarding schools because they help hone the confidence, team spirit, and creativity of each child.

While UK boarding schools might be some of the best in the world, there are some pitfalls to be aware of. The biggest consideration is location. If the school is far from where you live, you may need to elect a guardian or a host family for your child during his stay in school, so you can be sure that he has someone to turn to if he needs immediate assistance. Another possible pitfall is the cost of tuition. Boarding school education can be expensive, but when you think about the benefits that it can provide to your child, it becomes a worthy investment. The key is to find a suitable boarding school in the UK that is right for your budget. Ask help from a reputable boarding school placement and consultancy service to find the best UK boarding school for your requirements.


Find the Perfect UK Boarding School for Your Child

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The UK remains to be one of the top destinations for students looking to study in world-class boarding schools. Students who had the privilege to study in the UK are often perceived to be confident, poised, bright, socially assured, and successful. Giving your own child the privilege to study in the UK allows him to acquire the same prestige that can help him become a successful adult.

To find the perfect UK boarding school for your child, consider the services of a boarding school placement and consultation company that specialises in choosing and recommending the best state and independent boarding schools in England. You can make an enquiry about the particular school that you are interested in. Provide your details to them when you are ready, so they can help and guide you and your child through the application and testing process.

The best consultancy services guide you to making an intelligent and informed decision about which boarding school in the UK is best for your child. School reports, evaluation of teachers, school visits, interviews, exam preparations, acquisition of tutors, and summer programmes can be arranged and provided when required.

There are international boarding school placement services with educational parent advisors who have extensive knowledge of educational systems in the UK, so you can find a guardian or a hosting family for your child. Most of best boarding schools in the UK recommend that you find a guardian or host family for your child while he or she is studying in the UK, so he has somewhere to go during the holidays and so that someone can provide assistance when needed. There are services that can provide your child with further schooling, especially if your child is not adept in the English language. Summer programmes, courses, and camps can be arranged.


Boy Boarding Schools – Get Into a New Life of Experiences

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While they may seem old-fashioned, single-gender boarding schools education is still the predominant model—and there are many evidences indicating that this approach is still superior to co-educational methods. Boys’ boarding schools offer several advantages you might not see in co-ed academic environments.

1. Gender-Specific Learning Methods

Boys and girls have different learning patterns, especially in their younger years. By dividing students by gender, boarding schools are able to use more precise learning models and ensure that the children learn more effectively.

2. Confidence Building

Interestingly, studies consistently show that boys do better at academic exams and are more participative in extracurricular activities when separated from girls. An experiment done in 1995 showed that after a sample of middle-schoolers were separated by gender, students almost instantaneously started to speak up more, display a lot more confidence, and achieve more in general.

3. Great Involvement in Extra Curricular Activities

Boys’ boarding schools provide plenty of opportunities to engage in sports, pursue other extracurriculars, and join clubs that they may otherwise skip in favour of sneaking out to meet girls at the movies. Students who participate in extra-curricular activities are often seen as more attractive college applicants. They are also likelier to receive scholarships.

4. Better College Preparation

The boarding school model is very similar to that of university dorm life. When your son attends boarding school, he essentially prepares for a more challenging university environment.

Contrary to what you might think, single-sex boys’ boarding schools today are far from the cold-hearted institutions they were depicted as before. Though they seem outdated, these academic institutions continue to offer some of the best instructional methods in the world, and can very well be the best choice for your son. Talk to an academic placement specialist in Boy Boarding Schools to find out about what options are available.


Boarding School in Switzerland – Contributing Positively to Your Child’s Future

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Swiss boarding schools are often considered the most elite. They are highly respected for their tradition and the educational opportunities they provide to their handpicked students. Switzerland’s educational system is different from others in the world, as it is delegated by the authorities to cantons. However, little changes can be made to make the programs appropriate for international students. Many Swiss boarding schools offer international curricula to prepare students for American High School Program, the IGCSE, or the A Levels.

The best boarding schools in Switzerland concentrate on instilling three important values into their students: involvement, honesty, and respect. Students are expected to be respectful and honest citizens that can contribute to the improvement of the society they move in.

Swiss boarding schools provide many extra-curricular activities to allow their students to develop additional interests and hobbies. Many boarding schools have creative teachers who organise voluntary social work to help hone empathy and sensitivity towards others. This approach can open the eyes of your child to how the world is and to inspire him or her to do something to help the underprivileged and to contribute to society’s betterment.

A boarding school can introduce your child to different cultures and nationalities, too. In a Swiss boarding school, your child will likely become classmates with students from all over the world. This exposure to different cultures can help your child hone his or her social skills and openness to other ways of life.

Do you want your child to be accepted into one of the best boarding schools in Switzerland? Use the service of a reputable academic placement and consultancy company to ensure success. A good placement consultant can show you all the options available for your child and help you pick the most suitable school.


Searching Online for Boarding Schools in New York

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Most boarding schools have a very strict admission process, but if you prepare for your child’s application well enough and brief him or her on the things to expect, you can very well get them in that prestigious school you are eyeing. However, if you still don’t have an institution in mind, it is best to seek advice from the experts and find resources to help you search and select the best program and facility for your child. Boarding schools nowadays offer great diversity and thus, great edge over many other school systems. When searching for boarding schools, here are some things you and your child should expect:

  • Independence – Boarding school living requires a great deal of maturity and independence. While these things can be taught, boarding schools often look for children who are self-starters (have the initiative to help themselves) rather than those who prefer to sit back, waiting for others to help them. This is one thing to consider when you are gauging your child’s maturity, independence, and readiness to take on boarding school life.
  • Diversity and global awareness – Boarding schools nowadays are more international than ever, accepting students from all corners of the world. This gives your child an opportunity to engage with students from different backgrounds and cultures, encouraging a global outlook that embraces diversity within them.
  • Interests outside of the classroom – Boarding schools not only have a global and academic focus, but also encourage students to pursue interests beyond studying. They encourage interests outside of the academic circle, thus, helping develop the overall well-being of the child.
  • Finding the right balance – You will never find a one-size-fits-all boarding school. When selecting a facility or a program, finding the right balance for your child’s needs, interests, and abilities is the best way to select a boarding school that can satisfy every area of their development.


Browse the net to find more information and advantages of boarding schools in New York.


Do Private Schools Differ from Boarding Schools?

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Private schools and boarding schools have a lot of similarities. In essence, most boarding schools are privately operated but not all private schools necessarily have boarding privileges. By definition, a private school is an independent school that is not administered by state, local, or national government, thus retaining the right to select students they accept. Private schools are also funded in whole or in part through students’ tuition. A boarding school, on the other hand, is an educational facility wherein students (all or some of them) study and live in the school premises throughout an entire school year, along with their fellow students and most of the time, their teachers and administrators.

No matter which type of school you are considering, remember to choose a facility where your child can reach his or her full potential, academically and otherwise. One of the best things about attending private or boarding schools is that programs are geared towards the development of a child’s entire well-being, offering study areas outside of the academic realm. Many schools offer specialised athletic programs as well as art and music programs that enhance other useful skills, instead of focusing solely on academic intellect.

If you are interested in sending your child to a private or a boarding school, seek advice from trustworthy resources where you can find the best information on reputable boarding schools in the location that you are eyeing. These resources give excellent advice on residential education, pointing you to the most reputable and prestigious schools where your child can gain the experiences they need to reach their full potential as individuals. They can help you select the most appropriate facility or institution to send your child to depending on your preferences, budget, as well as your child’s expectations.


Do Independent Schools Have Benefits over Other Schools

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Many parents opt to send their kids to independent schools, recognizing the many benefits that independent education offer over traditional schooling. The following are the top advantages and benefits of independent schooling over other forms of education:

  • Top notch academic quality – Most independent schools use a philosophical approach to education that strives for excellence, innovation, and freedom to pursue progressive approaches to learning. They adhere to strict standards of education that pushes (but not necessarily pressuring) children to work hard and pursue greater knowledge.
  • Individualized approach –With a low student to teacher ratios, independent schools offer a more personalised approach to teaching and mentoring, not to mention a balanced degree of parent involvement and mentorship of other people that can truly help in each child’s development. Specialised teachers are also employed to help maximise each child’s potential while improving skills in areas where they might be having a tough time dealing with.
  • Experience diversity – Independent schools breakout from old fashioned norms. They are a beacon of diversity not only in the way that they approach teaching and learning, but in fostering a global perspective that exposes students, young as they are to the reality of a diverse, yet connected planet. The diversity in the student population as well as in the faculty system encourages a welcoming atmosphere of multiple cultures and perspectives, harmoniously co-existing.
  • Technological advances – Independent schools also afford the latest and most cutting edge technologies out there, enhancing the student experience in every aspect of learning.
  • Post-school success – with an innovative approach to learning, independent schools also have higher success rates in terms of acceptance to prestigious colleges and even beyond university settings, thanks to their diverse experiences and unique approach to learning and the overall development of each student.

Browse the net to find more information and advantages of independent boarding schools.


Boys’ Boarding School – Secure Your Child’s Future

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Attendance in single-sex schools are only expected to rise in the years ahead. Many studies support the observation that male students function better and are more engaged in studying when they participate in programs that cater specifically to the male style of learning. In addition to programs that are geared towards how the male brain works and learns, there are many other advantages that boys’ boarding schools offer, allowing you to secure your child’s development and future. The following are great reasons to consider an exclusive boys’ school for your child:

  • Tailored teaching style – Boys learn and develop differently than girls, which is why they benefit more from a teaching style that suits the way their mind works. They learn more effectively and pay more attention when learning leverages spatial-mechanical functioning and compartmentalizing of new information.
  • Masculinity unquestioned – Those studying in single-sex schools are more likely to explore subjects that are not considered gender-appropriate. They are not under pressure to take on more ‘masculine’ subjects (workshop, tech, a/v electives) and have more freedom to pursue more ‘feminine’ interests (foreign language, art, community service, etc.).
  • Self development – Because students are not under pressure to prove their masculinity, they also gain a deeper sense of self outside the pressure of being masculine. They are free to define themselves according to their interests, behaviours, emotional sensitivity, and strengths, without having to deal with the pressure of boxed-in male roles.

Getting expert assistance when it comes to choosing a good boarding school for your child is important if you want to maximise these benefits. Choose online resources that give you access to information about the most prestigious and excellent boarding schools and other types of educational institutions that will benefit your child the most.


Boarding Schools in London- The Best Place of Learning for your Child

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Whenever making important decisions about your child’s future, it is crucial that you weigh all possibilities and set specific criteria to follow so you can make the best choices. If you are pondering about where to send your child to get the best learning he or she can while they are still in their formative years, don’t hesitate to seek advice from boarding school experts who know how to gauge their needs and recommend the best places where your child can reach his or her full potential. Here are some criteria that you should look for when choosing a good boarding school for your child:

  • Emphasis on discipline. When you send your child to boarding school, expect them to be away from your guidance most of the school year. Choose a boarding school that has great emphasis on discipline and functions on strict timetables and guidelines so they can be guided every step of the way.
  • Teacher guidance. One of the best advantages of boarding schools is having a low teacher to student ratio, which means each student is given the amount of attention they need to focus on their studies, while those who are lagging behind can receive more guidance. Make sure that the boarding school you choose offers this kind of assistance.
  • Fewer distractions. With students kept away from the distractions of urban areas and lifestyle, they can concentrate more on their studies and other constructive activities and extracurricular programs, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful habits and activities.
  • Specialised summer programs. Boarding schools also offer unique summer programs for students, allowing them to interact with people and students, including people from other schools, further enhancing their social skills and their abilities, depending on the type of program they enrol in.