How to Find Top Rated Boarding Schools in the UK?

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If you are considering sending your kid off to boarding school, make sure that you have a short list of top-notch choices in mind. Weighing the pros and cons of prospective schools is a crucial step that you need to make early; otherwise, your child might end up in a school that doesn’t exactly fit his or her interests and inclinations.

There are great online resources that you can use in order to find the best boarding schools to consider for your child. You can also turn to a professional placement consultant who can help you weigh all the pros and cons of each prospect institution, and even assist you in the admissions process. When searching for top rated schools, here are some characteristics that you should look for:

  • Qualified teachers – Quality education should always be on top of your list. The best boarding schools are known for their great teachers whose credentials are as impressive as their skills in handling and dealing with their students. Boarding school teachers often use positive reinforcement and dialogue in order to make a difference in their students.
  • Academic range – Their repertoire of programs should be as extensive as your child’s interests. The best schools have a wide range of programs on offer, but only wide enough so that each subject is given its due attention.
  • Solid financial condition – Many parents don’t realize this, but finding a school that is financially stable is also important. Otherwise, your child might not get the same quality of education and experience that the school promises.
  • Good facilities – A well funded school typically has the best facilities. Find a school that has superb learning facilities, well stocked libraries and laboratories, sports facilities, and other amenities that will make your child’s learning experience more exciting and fruitful.

Do Private Boarding Schools Provide Quality Education?

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Private boarding schools are required to pass stringent standards in terms of academic programs, quality of faculty, and quality of facilities. Needless to say, the level of education that your child will receive in a private boarding school will more than likely be high, thanks to the stringent standards and criteria that various education bodies and government authorities impose.

In the UK, boarding schools are inspected and evaluated on a regular basis to make sure that they meet the set criteria. On average, schools are inspected at least every 6 years for education and every 3 years for boarding. Here is a partial list of organizations that perform these inspections in the UK, depending on where the school is located:

  • Office for Standards in Education or Ofsted
  • Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education in Scotland
  • Estyn (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales)
  • Independent Schools Inspectorate
  • Northern Ireland’s Education and Training Inspectorate
  • School Inspection Service, and
  • Bridge Schools Inspectorate


When selecting a school for your children, you should consider many factors that can and will affect the quality of education and care that they will receive from your prospective institution. It is important that you seek advice from people—specifically professional placement consultants—who can give you insights on which learning institutions are best for your requirements as well your children’s interests and inclinations. When meeting a placement consultant, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the location and the neighbourhood where the school is at, the school’s culture, as well as the facilities. Don’t forget to ask whether or not the school of your choice performs well in government and institutional inspections, and always be clear about required fees such as tuitions and additional costs that you may have to meet while your child is admitted in a particular boarding school.


Develop Your Child’s Personality with USA Boarding Schools

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The best boarding schools in the United States offer more than just superior academic programs. They also allow students to form lifelong friendships with peers, establishing connections that can be very beneficial in their life as adults and professionals. Boarding schools create a unique environment that is conducive to developing well-rounded individuals who are competent in all aspects, not just in academics or sports. Because they have to live away from their families, boarding school students learn self-reliance ahead of their peers, and also tend to develop self-confidence much faster.  Here are some of the other positive effects of boarding school education and early independence on a child’s personality:

1. If your child is struggling with traditional education or with personal behavioral issues that might be impairing his or her development, a more rigid boarding school environment may be necessary. Your child will be under the supervision of teachers and staff 24/7, and will get to live with well-adjusted children who can be positive influences.

2. Boarding schools also provide a very nurturing environment especially for children or students who may lack a close-knit social atmosphere, or who may have a weak family structure at home. With adult guidance at arm’s length, it is easier to build thriving mentorships between students and their teachers or counselors—who many find easier to open up to than family members.

3. Another positive influence unique to boarding schools is the level of diversity in terms of cultural, socio-economic, and personality backgrounds. This allows children to discover themselves more freely, with influences coming from all over. Exposure to a great range of people with different personalities can help young men and women develop individuality.

4. Students tend to thrive in smaller teacher-to-student ratios, which mean more focused development.

Browse the net to find more information on USA Boarding Schools and learn the way in which they help in developing your child personality


Boarding Schools for Troubled Teenagers are Imparting Excellent Education

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Some kids are simply not meant for traditional schooling. When you have a troubled child who needs some kind of behavioral modification because of low self-esteem, defiance, ADHD, high-risk behaviors, and other issues, it might be best to consider boarding school education. Regular schools might not fit his disposition, learning style, and behaviors. Your child might need behavioral modification that only boarding schools can offer.

Should you send your teen to boarding school? If you notice the first signs of these behaviors in your son or daughter, it’s time to talk to a counselor and explore the possibilities of boarding school education:

  • Does your teen have self-limiting beliefs?
  • Is he disrespectful to other people?
  • Does he lack motivation and direction?
  •  Does your teen have anger or temper issues, or lack of impulse control?
  • Is he under-achieving?
  • Is he always getting into trouble, has been suspended too many times, has no regard for authority?
  • Is he falling into risky habits such as drug or alcohol experimentation?


Some types of boarding schools specialize in children who are particularly hard to discipline. They have academic and behavioral programs that train students to be in their best behavior at all times.

In a boarding school, your troubled teen can receive individual attention from specialists, mentors, and guardians who have been trained to deal with such cases. Boarding schools can very well help troubled young men and women overcome their issues and are more motivated to finish school and pursue their passions.

There are good online resources that you can consult if you need help finding the right boarding school for your troubled teenager. These resources will list down good institutions and help you decide what direction to take in terms of selecting a boarding school.


Which is the Right Choice for Your Child? Boarding School or Private School

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Boarding schools and private schools are almost synonymous. However, there are discernible distinctions between them. Private schools, otherwise known as independent schools, are non-state schools that are not administered by any state, local, or national government. Therefore, they retain the right to admit students according to their criteria or refuse admission to those who don’t meet such criteria. Boarding schools, on the other hand, are a type of private school where students study and live within the school premises. There are many other types of private schools. Boarding schools also come in different forms (such as travelling boarding schools, therapeutic schools, and residential schools for those with special needs or are enrolled in special programs).

Selecting a school has little to do with which type is better, but more with which type will meet the unique needs of your child. As you choose a good school for your child to apply in, remember to look beyond labels—private, public, boarding, charter, etc.—while these do provide some insight on the kind of education that your child will receive, they only scratch the surface. Relying on labels is a huge risk, but so is relying on statistical data and rankings. The best way to decide on a good school for your child is actually doing a test drive or at least visiting the places that interest you and your child the most. Take time to observe the environment and the school culture of your prospect institution. However, if you are still in the selection process, it helps to talk to professional boarding school placement consultants and read online sources where you can find enough information about the target schools that you are eyeing. This way, you can make an informed decision for the future of your child.