Looking for Top Girls Boarding Schools in Switzerland?

Ranked as some of the most elite in the world, Swiss boarding schools offer the best education for students in all levels. Their unique alpine atmosphere and respect for European tradition, high standards of education, and diversity are among the best qualities that set these schools apart from the rest of the world.

Swiss educational system is quite different from most of the world, as Switzerland’s constitution delegates school system authority and responsibility to cantons. This, however, does not keep Swiss boarding schools from being a top notch choice for international students. In fact, Swiss boarding schools offer some of the highest standards of education in terms of their academic programs. A great population of international students also resides and studies at the best boarding schools in Switzerland.

Boarding schools in Switzerland offer specialised programs, including those that offer emphasis on single-sex and co-ed approaches. Some institutes admit boys and girls, but offer separate programs to make sure that their individual needs are met. Swiss boarding schools generally emphasize three important values, including respect, honesty, and involvement, thus producing honest, respectful, and highly involved citizens. In fact, most institutions encourage voluntary social work, which help students develop a greater sensitivity towards other people. These institutions also have enriched extracurricular programs that allow students to enhance and develop their interests, hobbies, and talents.

If you are looking for top all-girls boarding schools in Switzerland, worthy to be included on your short list of international schools to send your child to, it is best to consult special websites that offer the best advice on quality boarding schools around the world. These resources give you access to important information about the most sought after and well-recognized boarding schools that attract students from all across the globe.


Know All About Christian Boarding Schools All Over the World

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Boarding schools focusing on Christian virtues and values are very common across the world and most denominations are represented, ranging from Catholic to Baptist. These schools have very close-knit community ties and academic standards that are just as impressive as, if not higher than secular schools. In fact, a good number of top schools in the world are Christian schools.

Charity also runs high at Christian boarding schools, many of which often have programs that focus on the needs of specific types of students, ranging from troubled teens to those with special needs. Christian schools have strong emphasis on the Christian faith and the study of it, which plays an indispensable role in Christian education.

Christianity is the bedrock of these schools, and their programs are designed with the belief that a child’s spiritual development is just as important as their psychological, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. This theory is one of the reasons that many Christian schools specialise in educating students that are troubled or are suffering from some condition such as ADHD, ADD, ODD, substance abuse, or depression. Christian schools with therapeutic focus have the best track record in helping troubled teens get past their troubled phase and blossom into functioning, productive, and fulfilled adults.

Christian boarding schools are private schools, which means they are free to teach any religious and faith principles that they see fit. Across the world, there are schools that offer spiritually based education, following various Christian denominations, ranging from Catholic to Anglican, Episcopalian, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, as well as non-denominational forms of Christianity. Christian schools vary widely in their emphasis of Christian values as incorporated in their curricula. Some have intensive scripture studies, while others offer a more secular approach. Nevertheless, all Christian schools have great commitment to academic excellence.


Christian Boarding Schools: A Holistic Approach Towards Educating Your Child

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All boarding schools aim to provide holistic education, but there’s probably no other type of boarding school that offers the same scope of education as Christian boarding schools. These schools offer programs that emphasize physical and intellectual development and incorporate spiritual development. Different Christian schools vary in the way faith and belief is emphasized in their programs, but some degree of focus in the Christian faith is guaranteed, thus allowing a more holistic approach to your child’s education. Here are some tips on selecting a good Christian boarding school for your child:

  • Make the decision a family matter. Enrolling your child in a denominational school will impact his or her life greatly. Insights of family members, as well as your child himself are invaluable in the decision process.
  • Christian boarding schools, just like any secular boarding schools, offer various educational styles and approaches, ranging from single sex to co-educational teaching, military to academic approaches and other programs. Remember that each child responds differently to different educational approaches.
  • Tuition is not cheap at Christian boarding schools as most of these institutions operate privately. However, many do offer scholarships and other types of financial aid, which makes it easier for parents to afford this kind of education for their children. Schools that cater to students with special needs often require higher fees, which is why it is important to consider your options before making a final decision.
  • The school’s location is another important factor to consider. Some people prefer having their children study closer to home, while attending a school farther from their hometown are more appealing to others. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Visiting your target school is a must, especially since you are entrusting your child’s education, safety, and well-being in the said facility.

Boarding Schools are Best for Your Child’s Primary Education

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The primary years are also the most important formative years of children’s lives. It is crucial that they receive the best education possible to help them maximize their learning and development potential from an early age. Some primary and junior boarding schools, in fact, begin boarding as early as the third grade. Here are top reasons why boarding schools are worth considering for your child’s primary education:

  • Primary boarding schools offer accelerated learning, jump starting a child’s academic career and preparing him or her for tougher challenges as he or she advances to higher grade levels. These impressionable years should be taken advantage of, thus helping them develop better study habits, which can be very beneficial later in adolescence and even after.
  • Boarding schools offer guided independence, giving children a unique sense of freedom under the counsel and guidance of teachers and qualified school staff. This gives them an opportunity to become more independent and confident in their own skin.
  • Supplementary extracurricular activities such as sports, arts and other clubs, also allow students to balance studies with other enriching activities that let them explore their abilities and special gifts. Boarding schools integrates academics with various extracurricular activities very seamlessly for a more fulfilling student life.
  • Better character development is another reason to consider when sending your child to a boarding school. Student populations in boarding schools are kept small so that everyone knows everyone, thus allowing more meaningful relationships between friends and peers.
  • Lastly, boarding schools are very multi-cultural and international in nature, giving children the opportunity to interact with other children that have different cultural backgrounds than their own. This opens their minds to the great diversity of the real world around them.

Accomplish Your Goals! Study at the Top Boarding Schools of the World

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The standards for education and pastoral care in boarding schools have never been higher, especially with the growing number of discriminating parents who will never settle for anything less than the best for their children. With expectations for greatness at an all time high, boarding schools have no choice but to match the demands of students and parents, thus providing the world with highly competitive environments where they can learn and grow.

Top Boarding schools of the world offer the best of both worlds—a culturally enriching boarding life and a mentally stimulating and academically enriching school life. The diversity of cultures within boarding schools is also beneficial for both local and international students, as they are exposed to people from different backgrounds. Local students get to establish friendships and real relationships with foreign students, while internationals get to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment at an early age, which can give them more confidence, fluency, and a more technically accurate command of the universal language that is most widely used in the global market. Having a good handle of the English language is a huge advantage in molding globally competitive individuals.

Top boarding schools work very hard to make home to school transitions smooth, especially for younger children and those moving from abroad. They offer the best living conditions possible and provide students with plenty of options to keep busy, as well as to enjoy their time away from home. Boarding schools provide students with access to facilities, as well as to their school staff even after the school day is over, which allows them to excel more in their studies. Clubs and activities are also plenty, giving students the opportunity to nurture their talents and explore some hidden occupations that can possibly change their lives.


Having a Hard Time Picking the Right Boarding High School?

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Numerous factors should play into your decision about the right boarding school for your high school kid. More than the institution’s academic success, you should consider many other criteria that will ultimately form the foundation of your child’s development. High-quality education is obviously important, but there is more to schooling than academics, which is why it is crucial that you weigh in other factors such as:

  • The basic requirements of your child – Does the school fit the age range, gender, religious denomination, day/boarding population mix, subjects offered, and qualifications that you have personally set for your child?
  • What does your child want – Will your child be happy with the ethos, style of teaching, academic range, and special interest programs/classes offered by the school?
  • Academic track record – Your child’s education should always be first place, while the school’s academic track record is not the only factor you should consider, it should form a big part of your decision. It wouldn’t hurt to ask about the school’s exam success, leavers’ destinations, and passing rates in top schools/colleges.
  • Accommodation options – Does the school have flexible accommodation options (dormitories, private rooms, living/study facilities, etc.) and do they have proper supervision?
  • School facilities – Does the school offer specialized facilities for honing skills, like music rooms, theatres, art and science labs, etc.?
  • Extracurricular activities – Does the school offer a range of extracurricular activities that will allow your child to discover other interests and skills? Will these activities cost extra and can they be integrated with the entire program/course?
  • Location – Is the school within a safe, optimum location, where there are few outside distractions and which you can conveniently visit as needed?
  • Pastoral care – Will your child receive the utmost guidance and care while boarding at the chosen school?

Browse the net to find the right boarding school consultant and get your child admitted in right boarding school.


Choose the Best Girls’ Boarding School in England

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The media (film, TV, books, etc.) gives the public exaggerated depictions of the realities of boarding school life. And while these stem negative connotations about such institutions, they also pose an all-important question for those who are seriously considering a boarding school education—why would I want to go to a boarding school? The answer is quite simple. Boarding schools create great opportunities for students to pick-up and learn all-important life skills, while getting full access to high-quality education.

Not all boarding schools are the same, but each has its own strengths. Girls’ boarding schools, for example, specialize in addressing the needs of girl students in ways that traditional co-educational schooling can’t. Single-sex schools can focus more on developing the strengths and overcoming the weaknesses of students by tailoring programs that allow undivided attention to each aspect of their education.  

All-girls boarding schools serve as a second home for students, where they can spend their time learning and experiencing life with people other than their families and close circles. It is where they can experience belongingness in a community where they can blend in and at the same time discovered and hone their own individual personalities, skills, and talents. England is known for its prestigious girls-only boarding schools, among the most famous of which are:

  • Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire – This is an independent girls’ boarding school that excels in educating young girls in a friendly environment, enabling them to rise to personal challenges and discover their strengths.
  • Badminton School in Bristol – Badminton School offers well-rounded education through specialist courses and subjects, coupled with practical programs that help prepare students for life after school. They offer strong geography, science, history, language, math, art, music, and sports programs in both the junior and senior school.
  • Cheltenham Ladies’ College in Gloucestershire – This top girls’ boarding school offers broad education from year 7 to year 13. Students have a choice of 28 different subjects, including advanced classes in maths, sciences, languages, and a lot more.

Guidelines to Choosing Affordable Catholic Boarding School in UK

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With the costs of boarding school education skyrocketing, it’s only natural for parents to look for more affordable options. If you are looking for affordable Catholic boarding schools in the UK, it’s best to consult an educational placement consultant who can help you find the most suitable choice for your budget and requirements. You can also start to do some research on your own. Here are some tips:

Look for Scholarships

Most, if not all Catholic boarding schools in the UK, offer scholarship programs. Scholarships are typically awarded to students who show academic achievement and/or exemplary performance in areas like music, drama, sport, or art. The methods of assessment vary depending on the type of scholarship but will usually involve a written examination.  The assessment process may also involve an interview. Short-listed applicants may be asked questions by the Catholic boarding school’s scholarship committee, usually a group of teachers, headmistresses and governors.

You may also be asked to submit a portfolio of your child’s achievement when applying for a scholarship in a Catholic boarding school in the UK. As early as you can, compile details of competitions and activities in which your child has participated in pursuit of his or her interest, plus details of awards and achievements. Some schools ask to see examples of your child’s work together with certificates, photographs, and other such support materials.  Closing date for scholarship applications vary, so it’s best to be early.

Try a State Boarding School

There are 36 state boarding schools in England and Wales. These are not Catholic, but offer top-quality and affordable state-funded education. If your child fails to qualify for a Catholic boarding school scholarship or you simply can’t find a school that is suitable for your budget, consider going this route. State boarding schools can provide your child a stable environment and top-notch education at a reasonable price. It is an attractive option and one that you should explore.


Find Finest Swiss Boarding Schools for Your Child’s Secured Career

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Swiss boarding schools are world-renowned for the excellent educational programs and extra-curricular activities they offer their students. They are famous for their high academic standards and their international focus. Graduating from one of the top boarding schools in Switzerland is a passport to a secure career. Here’s why:

Tradition of Excellence

Swiss education is rooted on discipline, firmness, openness, and holistic education. Students are given tools to achieve not only academic, but also personal development, allowing them to excel in their professional life as adults.

Multilingual Education and Cultural Diversity

Boarding schools in Switzerland are culturally diverse—usually much more so than boarding schools in the UK or US. Students go beyond learning basic academics in the confines of their classrooms—they also gain first-hand experience as young diplomats and ambassadors, meeting other students from different ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, and familial backgrounds. Virtually everyone is a foreigner, so no nationality becomes a dominant majority. Students attain fluency in multiple languages after just a few years in a Swiss boarding school.

Lifelong Friendships

Living together, students inevitably create bonds that they cherish for life. Your child will make friends with many people who can help advance his or her career in the future. A Swiss boarding school education will equip your child with a strong international network, which as a major currency in the professional world.

How to Get Accepted in a Swiss Boarding School

An educational placement consultant can help your child get into the finest Swiss boarding schools. A consultant can give you all the information you require—information such as from tuition fees, programmes on offer, bilingual sections and language courses, extra-curricular activities, and student-teacher ratios, to name a few. An education advisor can help you decide which Swiss boarding school is best for your child.


Co-Ed Catholic Boarding School in UK for Both of Your Children to Study Together

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If you have a daughter and a son, it might be a good idea to send them to a co-educational Catholic boarding school in the UK so that they can stay in the same environment and look out for each other. They may also benefit from a co-educational environment, which has its advantages.

It was once thought that same-gender schools were superior to co-ed schools, but a recent research by Penn State University found no such evidence. Many parents now prefer to send their children—especially opposite-sex siblings—to co-ed boarding schools, which offer benefits that extend beyond the classroom.

The first big advantage of a Catholic boarding school in the UK is that it prepares children for the real world, where men and women interact in almost all aspect of professional and personal life. Coeducational Catholic schools provide a more realistic environment, training its students to interact with the opposite sex. Co-educational boarding schools also discourage boys and girls from developing gender stereotypes.

When it comes to academic achievement, co-educational Catholic schools in the UK are just as good as their single-sex counterparts. A study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States in 2007, found no significant difference between the learning style of male and female brains. This may debunk the ‘myth’ that boys and girls learn differently and therefore need to be separated. Research conducted in the UK, Canada, and the United States found that single-sex boarding schools do not produce better academic achievement outcomes than co-ed schools.

Lastly, a co-ed Catholic boarding school can help your children mature socially. If they have very little exposure to the opposite sex, they may find it harder to build lasting friendships—and later, successful romantic relationships. A coeducational Catholic boarding school provides opportunities to participate in clubs, sports, and activities in which both genders can take part. This allows friendships to develop more naturally. This environment also helps your children develop social skills that are necessary for a happy adulthood.