Skills that You Can Learn from Top Elite Boarding Schools in England

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Beyond academic prowess and exceptional intelligence, boarding schools help develop many practical skills that can help students better navigate life. The lessons that boarding school goers learn extend beyond what are discussed in the four walls of their classrooms as different activities and the independent nature of living in the boarding facility allow them to develop social skills, self-dependence, tolerance, compassion, self-confidence, and so much more. If you are looking for more reasons why you should seriously consider elite boarding schools as a schooling option for your child, here are some of the more practical skills that students learn from a boarding school setup:

  • Conflict-resolution: In boarding school set-ups where there are smaller class sizes, disagreements among students are very easily resolved as they are encouraged to work through their differences organically. Their communal relaxation times provide great avenues to sit together and talk through their disagreements instead of letting things build up, fighting, and choosing to move on to different friendship circles. Smaller class sizes leave students no choice but to learn how to resolve their disputes and work toward long term, positive friendships.
  • Personal responsibility and independence: Boarding school systems are designed so that students can learn how to be responsible for themselves as well as their possessions, while developing critical character traits like independence and self-reliance.
  • Strong work ethics: Boarding school environments also encourage discipline when it comes to students’ study and work habits. These things are learned through the strong examples of their instructors. From supervised study sessions to making themselves readily available for support and teaching students the value of commitment and dedication to work, their behaviors and actions motivate their students to do the same.
  • Openness to diversity: Boarding schools consist of students and faculty members from all corners of the world, exposing students to all kinds of worldwide cultures, languages, and diverse beliefs and principles.

Rules and Regulations Followed In Top British Boarding Schools

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Thinking of sending your child to a top British boarding school? You will need to make the decision with them and get to know the rules and regulations that are followed in their preferred institution. Ideally, you and your child must agree with the values and traditions of the school to prevent culture shock and avoid getting reprimanded. You can get a feel of the school’s values when you explore their official websites or when you speak with the headmaster.

Top British boarding schools can be very particular with their rules and regulations. The most basic rules include respecting one’s peers and treating them with a positive attitude and openness. Of course, students are expected to follow their schedules, attend their classes, show up and participate in activities and assemblies, and perform their duties. And since it is a boarding school, students are expected to observe curfews, too. There are designated hours for mealtimes, homework, leisure, and bedtime.

Students must always come prepared in classes and actively participate in activities and classes, while maintaining and supporting a considerate, caring, helping, and respectful learning environment. They are responsible for doing their homework or completing their assignments and coursework within the agreed time period and submit everything on time, too, or they could get an incomplete grade or fail their class. It is important for students to take note of rules about using the internet and mobile devices in school grounds.

As a student in a top British boarding school, you must observe the rules and regulations regarding illegal activities, too. Alcohol, drugs, and deadly weapons are typically not permitted, and students are not allowed to be under the influence of substances while in school. Smoking and sexual activities are prohibited, too. If it is a co-ed boarding schools, all students are expected to observe and respect the segregation between male and female boarding facilities. Reputable schools do not condone any form of bullying, violent acts, xenophobia, and racism, too.


Reliable Resources to Find Boarding Schools for Boys and Girls in UK

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The internet is a goldmine for resources to help you learn more about boarding schools for boys and girls in the UK and find the best institution for your child. Choosing the right boarding or perhaps a private day school for your child can be quite a daunting process, especially when you have limited knowledge about what these schools can offer. Sites that offer reliable information on the top boarding schools for boys and girls is the right place to start if you want to compare your options. These online resources are also a great way to keep your search organized and make your selection a bit easier. With these sources, you can:

  • Identify schools that fit your criteria. One of the first things you should do when trying to find a good school for your child is to list down qualities and characteristics that you want in a boarding school. This way, it will be easier to narrow down your choices to institutions that offer exactly what you want.
  • Compare schools side by side. A great thing about web resources on boarding schools is that they make it easier to compare prospect schools side by side. Not only do they offer quick links to school websites, they also help narrow down your options by providing honest reviews and comparisons between your chosen institutions.
  • Online resources also offer guided searches based on targeted criteria, like your chosen location, the specific courses your child might want to take, athletic programs, arts offerings, etc. This helps you pinpoint schools that can definitely provide your child what they need.
  • Finally, these online resources are maintained by experts and professionals who can provide you sound advice on how to choose the best boarding school and the right educational program that will best benefit your child in his or her learning career.

Reasons to Enrol Your Children in Co-ed Boarding schools in England

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Boarding schools are great avenues to help your child form and develop their own take on the world. This is especially true in co-ed settings, which bring an even greater diversity of cultures and perspectives into the learning mix, thus providing students unique and unbeatable opportunities to learn from each of their experiences not only on the intellectual level, but also in social contexts. Co-ed boarding schools can be your best option to prepare your child for your big-picture goals, such as better success in university and know-how in navigating adulthood. Below are even more reasons to consider co-ed boarding schools in England for your child:

  • A co-ed boarding school instils diversity and equality. Co-ed learning environments reflect true diversity. Many educators and experts agree that children are able to learn valuable life lessons better through collaboration instead of segregation. Separating students based on their gender may promote streamlining in certain areas of learning, but at the expense of integration. While there are many positives to gender exclusive education, the true diversity that co-ed learning environments offer cannot be denied, especially when thinking about the virtue of gender equality.
  • Co-ed and mixed-peer atmosphere promote a better sense of safety as a community, where students learn how to look out for each other in an environment where difference and diversity are the norms. These kinds of environments bring a greater sense of safety and readiness to learn.
  • A co-ed environment can allow your child to experience what it’s like to collaborate, communicate, and interact with all kinds of people. It exposes them to the strengths and weaknesses of all genders, providing them with male and female role models that can instil to them values of leadership and confidence in who they are as well as their personal preferences and opinions.

Prestigious Boarding Schools in England: Future of Classroom Education

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The best boarding schools in England hold such prestige for good reason. For one, many of the most notable leaders as well as the most successful members of old and modern society began their educational and life journey in a private boarding school—from former presidents to successful business people, politicians, athletes, writers, and famous performers. Boarding schools certainly have no shortage of successful graduates. More than their name, what makes these prestigious boarding schools in England covered is the quality of training and education that they provide their students.

Besides high standards of classroom education and a strict curriculum, boarding school education can also offer great opportunities for learning and development that are not available in other academic institutions. Boarding schools are great training grounds for young students to become more independent as they navigate through school and their personal life, far from the comforts of home. With the right guidance from faculty members and the close eye of school administrators, parents can have peace of mind that their children are in good hands and are steered only toward the right direction as they learn how to be more independent and gain practical life skills that can only be learned when they are given such a freedom.

Boarding schools are well-rounded institutions for learning that don’t only work toward academic excellence, but more importantly, to provide students with important life lessons that they will need beyond their academic career. They prepare students for the real world, allowing them to get a taste of what it’s like to be out there, while providing the right amount of guidance they need as they learn how to balance school and life.

When you choose to enrol your child in a boarding institution, you don’t only get the benefit of a solid academic and extracurricular program, but more importantly the opportunity to help them learn important life skills they will need well into the future.


Points to Check While Searching for the Best Junior Boarding Schools in UK

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Finding the right boarding school today can have an immense impact on the quality of education and life your child will have on their way to more advanced studies. Junior boarding schools place great emphasis on preparing students for higher education. While all boarding schools do strive to provide students the best programs to help them succeed, not all of them will be the right fit for your child. Below are some things you should remember as you seek out the best boarding school for your child:

  • Identify schools that you can dig more into. Online resources and school websites are good places to start if you want to know more about the schools and institutions you think can best serve your child’s needs. Make a list of all junior boarding schools in UK you’ve been hearing about and take time to search for others that might offer the very things that your child needs to thrive in their final years of high school.
  • Narrow down your list by asking the most important questions. First, ask yourself why you want to send your child to a boarding school. This could be to prepare them for entrance to top universities or simply to receive well-rounded education. Is military training important? Does he or she need a particular sports or arts program? Do you prefer a co-ed to a single-gender academy? What types of program do they have in place to help enhance their personal independence and other practical skills? These are only some of the most important questions you should ask as you narrow down your choices.
  • Finally, take time to visit your prospect schools. Because it will be impractical to visit all the schools on your list, take time to create a shorter list and zero in on two or three top choices. Visiting institutions will help you assess the school first hand and see whether or not it is the right environment for your child.

Myths About Private Boarding Schools in London

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Boarding schools are riddled with many misconceptions, no thanks to how these prestigious institutions are often portrayed in books, TV, movies, and pop culture. Fortunately, parents are smarter and savvier these days and don’t readily believe the stigma associated with them. That said, there are still many lingering misconceptions about boarding school education preventing parents from seeing the true advantages of enrolling their children in one:

  • The first myth that needs immediate busting is that boarding schools are extremely expensive and thus, are only for the very wealthy. While it is true that boarding school education costs a lot, there are also ways to ease the burden for those who may not have huge trusts in the bank but still want the advantage of boarding school exclusivity. Nowadays, at least a third of boarding school students in London and the UK receive some form of financial aid, relieving them of a huge portion of their tuition. This makes boarding school education more accessible.
  • Another myth you’d typically hear about private boarding schools in London is that they offer less diversity. Just because many boarding schools are gender-exclusive doesn’t mean that they don’t offer diversity. At least a quarter of all boarding school goers are international students, making the population as diverse as possible and providing students great opportunities to interact with people from all over the globe.
  • Perhaps one of the most ridiculous misconceptions about boarding schools is that these institutions are stiff and rigid, given their strict rules and curfews. What many people don’t realize is that all schools impose these kinds of rules, and that they are purposefully put in place to teach students important life principles and virtues. Boarding schools are in fact a lot of fun despite their strict adherence to policies, providing students with a great deal of freedom to express themselves and explore their potential.

Learn About the Curriculum Followed in Independent Schools London

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Independent schools are only among the many types of educational environments you can consider as you try and find the best learning venue for your child. These schools are unique from other types of learning institutions in that they have the freedom to set their own school hours, term dates, as well as their own curriculum. More than this, independent schools can also mandate the exam qualifications that their students must take. This is possible because independent schools, by nature, are not in any way constrained by the government, and they have total freedom to operate in the way that they deem best for the benefit of their students.

There are many different types of independent schools that you can consider to enrol your child in. Some schools cater for those with very specific skillsets and talents, such as those who are inclined in the arts, music, theatre, or dance. Other independent schools are designed to help children with special educational needs thrive. Depending on the type of students these schools cater for, the curriculum they set are typically designed to hone their special skills or focus on their special needs.

Independent schools also vary greatly in terms of size. Some schools are co-educational, while others are gender exclusive. Independent schools may also accept boarders or day students, or both, which makes them a flexible option. There are many reasons why you may want to seriously consider enrolling your child in an independent school. Not only do these schools offer high academic standards, independent school settings also offer many other advantages such as outstanding facilities, smaller class sizes, and greater freedom and flexibility in learning, as opposed to stiff, government-imposed curriculums, which may not always be the best means to maximize your child’s potential. Independent schools are also renowned for their incredible mix of extracurricular activities that emphasize the development of leadership skills and other important life virtues like compassion and resilience.


A Few Small But Important Things to Observe in Top Independent Schools UK

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Parents only want what’s best for their child. However, in this day and age of fancy school websites ad savvy school marketing, looking for the right school to enrol your son or daughter in can be a daunting task, what with the endless amount of information you have to sift through to make sure you are making the right decision. To help you through the tedious process, here are some simple, often overlooked, but incredibly important things you should look into when choosing between top independent schools in the UK:

  • Most parents are all about academic standards, thinking that as long as a school offers a solid curriculum, their child will be all set for greatness. However, what you should realize is that many other factors can affect their academic success, such as their happiness and wellbeing. On top of a good academic program, look for things like good pastoral care, and activities and programs that can help your child develop his or her overall character.
  • Not all children are the same. They have varying needs, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Another thing that many parents overlook when choosing a school for their child is whether or not the school is well rounded enough to nurture not only their child’s strengths but also develop and address their weaknesses. Does your prospect school have the right resources to challenge your child’s abilities and stretch their strengths? How will the school’s programs benefit their weak points?
  • What kind of learning environment will your child thrive in? Independent schools, much like private learning institutions, offer many classroom and student system formats. Some are gender exclusive while others are co-educational. Some offer focus on the arts, while others are more inclined toward sciences. Others still, cater to children with special needs. Consider which type of learning environment your child will best thrive in.

Facilities Available At Boarding High Schools in England

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British boarding schools are not just known for offering the best pastoral care and world-class education to their pupils. They are known for their excellent facilities, too. Boarding high schools in England, for instance, offer modern and well-equipped classrooms, despite some of them being housed in historic buildings or set in rural surroundings. It is the facilities that can ensure the students’ comfort, socialisation, entertainment, and proper education, too. Here is an overview of some of the facilities that you can expect in boarding high schools in England:

  • Library – Libraries at boarding high schools are well-staffed. The staff themselves are knowledgeable to supervise the students in their study, too. Qualified librarians can provide tutorial and learning resources to support independent learning.
  • Laboratory – Science laboratories are well-appointed and well-equipped to provide instructors and pupils all the resources they need to conduct and carry out experiments and tests in safe and secure facilities. There are designated areas for lectures and practical work, too, and the staff has been trained for safety. All laboratories are regularly serviced and assured for safety, too.
  • Sports and play grounds – Recreation is important to students, and boarding high schools in England know that. So, most of them have designated grounds for playing sports and other physical activities to encourage students to be fit, active, and healthy. There may be football fields and areas for playing other sports, too, such as tennis and cricket.
  • Dormitories – Boarding high schools in England would not be called as such without the proper boarding facilities for students. Dorm rooms are clean and spacious, and well-appointed to ensure the comfort and safety of students. They are conducive for studying, too, with sturdy study desks, efficient lighting, and electrical outlets where laptops can be plugged.
  • Dining halls – These are not merely places to eat. They can be venues for socialisation among students during breaks, too.