The Modern Rules of Boarding Schools East Midlands

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The way of life in a boarding school is much different from traditional schooling. Adjusting to boarding life isn’t difficult if you know what to expect and what rules you are likely to observe during school time, leisure, and your free time. Below are ways to cope with the modern rules of boarding school living:


  • One key feature of boarding school is its wide array of experiences and activities, designed to provide boards an opportunity to develop interests and skills beyond their academic curriculum. These skills contribute to their career development, different rules help them keep with the demands of the extra-curricular activities they take part in. One great thing about getting to live and study in one pace is the benefit of more time to make the most out of the various activities the school offers. Rules surrounding these activities also help students ensure their safety.


  • Most boarding schools are located in beautiful countryside settings. While security is tight around school campuses, certain rules about going out of school bounds apply to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing. Students are typically allowed to roam around certain areas of the school but rules and policies like buddy systems are in place to keep them safe from common dangers of the outdoors.


  • Modern boarding schools are not strict about free time, although different rules also apply to help children become more responsible about managing their time. The amount of freedom students get largely depend on their age, the school’s location, and its policies when it comes to free time. Younger students are typically supervised by adults when going outside of school campus, while older students can be more independent or may need to follow a curfew when leaving the school grounds.


  • When it comes to communal dining, food is often served at a certain time frame during breakfast, lunch, and supper so children can be more disciplined in their feeding time.

10 Unexpected Ways Prestigious Boarding Schools in England Can Make Your Life Better

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There are countless reasons why you should seriously consider sending your child to boarding school. From academics to athletics and extracurricular activities, boarding schools offer much, much more things to make life better for your child. Here are 10 unexpected ways that prestigious boarding schools in England can be good for your kid:


  • Boarding school teachers have high qualifications in the subjects they are teaching as well as in providing guidance to students. These experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their field of specialisation and are extremely passionate about imparting knowledge to the young people.


  • Boarding schools have impressive sports facilities. They also offer unique sports programs you will rarely find in traditional day schools.


  • Children who are into arts will benefit from superb art programs and facilities, from theatre to dance, fine arts, music, and other such artistic pursuits.


  • Living away from home will teach children how to cope with high and low points of life, under the watchful eyes of teachers who serve more than just educators and baby-sitters, but as mentors.


  • Boarding schools stretch children’s potential by giving them a packed curriculum that allow them to expand their ability to take on academic challenges.


  • Classes are composed of students from all parts of the world. In addition to cultural diversity, students in boarding schools also go through a rigorous admissions process, which ensures good competition amongst themselves.


  • The most prestigious boarding schools have well-stocked media centres and libraries where students can expand their knowledge.


  • Living independently teaches students how to be more responsible for themselves, their decisions, and the way they relate with others.


  • Classroom population in boarding schools are small and easily manageable by teachers so students can have ample attention, thus addressing their needs more efficiently.


  • Boarding school education yields smarter and more confident children thanks to rigorous academic and extracurricular programs.

Skills that You Can Learn from Boarding Schools in Essex

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Boarding schools prepare children for future success. Their unique set-up promotes great learnings not only academically, but practically. Many of these skills are usable not only in their college career, but in their adult life. The things that children learn from boarding schools in Essex are exactly what employers are looking for in potential employees, ranging from independence to the ability to work with others, sensitivity to personal differences, creative problem solving, and aptitude for dependability and loyalty. Below are some of the most significant skills boarding schools teach children:


  • Independence and time management – Boarding schools teach great lessons when it comes to time management, independence, and self-reliance. With students taking charge of tasks that help them succeed academically, they learn the value of self-reliance. Children also learn to take charge of their personal needs, helping them become more independent and responsible for their time and schedule.


  • Cooperation with others – Boarding school students develop a deeper sense of understanding of others’ strengths and needs, and therefore learn how to cooperate with their peers, either in their dorms or inside the classroom. They build a strong sense of community early in life, which can be useful in their academic and professional careers.


  • Basic life skills – Boarding schools are also excellent platforms for teaching basic life skills as children learn how to balance their activities as well as how to live on their own and take charge of their life in general. They learn time management and balancing of their involvement and associations as well as how to solve daily problems like broken things and torn clothing.


  • Broader personal views – Boarding schools, with their culturally diverse student population, expose students to a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and histories, helping them broaden their personal views. The fact that people spend the majority of their time under a roof with fellow students also help them develop deeper bonds and understanding of ethnic diversity.

Reliable Sources to Learn About the Best Boarding Prep Schools in UK

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When pondering on which prep school to send your child to, it is imperative that you find as much information about your prospect schools as you can, so as to give them the best possible educational experience that will help them develop as a well-rounded individual, ready to take on new challenges before they enter a more demanding collegiate life. With the sheer number of preparatory schools in the UK, you need all the help and guidance you can get to make sure you are making the right decision. This is where boarding school advice from experts are most useful.


Fortunately for modern parents, the web is a such a treasure trove for information and there are many good online resources and web portals that you can turn to for information and guidance as you narrow down your choices for a prep school. Some important things that you should consider when exploring your options include:


  • The schools name and reputation – While you shouldn’t make a decision based on the school’s name alone, a school’s reputation, name, and popularity speak a lot about its track record. An institution doesn’t earn repute and prestige based on nothing. This is usually a result of years of rearing children into success, self-development, achievement, and progress.


  • Your child’s needs and preferences – Don’t forget to include your child’s wants and needs into the equation. Ask him or her about expectations they might have as they enter a new chapter in schooling. This way, you can focus on schools that offer programs that they might want to take or those that specialise in areas they want to develop the most in.


  • The school’s academic credentials – Prep schools are critical in honing your child’s skills and knowledge and preparing them for the demands of university. Choose a boarding school that can provide your child with a strong academic program so as to strengthen their knowledge base.



Preparations You Should Make Before Joining Cheshire Boarding School

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In the process of deciding which boarding school will best benefit a child, parents often overlook the fact that boarding itself is going to be a new and challenging experience for everyone involved. Helping your child (and yourselves, as parents) be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for boarding is critical so they/you can more easily settle into boarding school life. Here are some tips you can follow to ease into the process:


  • Get your child comfortable – Perhaps their current school offers options for flexi-boarding, this is a great way to prepare them to live by themselves. Giving them more independence and responsibility to care for themselves is also a good way to “train” them for the demands of boarding life.


  • Get yourself comfortable – Attending parent open days at your child’s prospect school is a good way to get a grip of what goes on inside the campus they will be living in and studying at. This will help settle your nerves about the culture and environment that the school has. Getting to know new parents is also a great way to meet new peers you can confide in about your apprehensions when it comes to join Cheshire boarding school.


  • Complete their school kit weeks before their first day in boarding - This will give you ample time to double check everything and make sure that all the requirements from the kit list are complete. This will serve as their survival pack as they learn how to go about life on their own.


  • Communicate - Talk out doubts about staying away from home and discuss ways to deal with homesickness. Assure your child that your communication lines will always be open especially when they start boarding.


Finally, tour the campus with your child. This will allow you to gauge their comfort and feelings about their would-be home.


Points to Remember While Checking the List of Boarding Schools in London

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Boarding schools provide children with an exciting and enriching learning environment where they can develop many of the essential skills they need as they face more challenging stages in their educational career, and even as they go out to the real world. In a boarding school, students are kept away from the usual distractions of day school, giving them more space to focus on learning and to do more than they thought possible. Ridding children of typical distractions helps them redirect their time to more enriching experiences designed to maximise their true potential. When searching for a boarding school, it pays having a basic guideline of what to look for in the right institution to partner with as your child pursues a thriving academic career. Here are some things you should remember when choosing a boarding school in London:


  • Boarding school size – Big or small, there is definitely the right size boarding school for your child. There are pros and cons to both choices, so take time to determine where your kid will thrive the most. A big school, for instance offers opportunities for children to meet more people than schools with a smaller population. Smaller schools on the other hand, often mean closer supervision by teachers and staff.


  • Co-ed or single-sex – Co-educational schools are great places to help children learn from both sexes, but in societies or cultures where gender roles are ever so sharply defined, a single-sex curriculum might be more ideal.


  • Religious emphasis – Some boarding schools may also put emphasis on a certain religion. If religion or faith is something you want to develop alongside your child’s academic career, then looking into religious boarding schools is also a good idea.


  • Special interests – Does your child have special interests or talents you want them to hone and develop? Many boarding schools have strong programs for children that have special abilities, like those who are gifted in sports, performing arts, or other artistic pursuits.

How to Get into the Best Boarding Schools in Wiltshire?

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There is really no top-secret way to get into the best boarding schools in Wiltshire or elsewhere in the UK, but with hard work, passion, and commitment, it will be a lot easier for your child to wow the board of administrators in his or her school of choice and increase their chances of getting in. In reality, you only need three things to get into the right boarding school: a strong desire for the kind of education that the school provides, an organised and systematic approach in following the different steps of the admission process, and the flexibility to explore your options and follow the advice of experts and professionals who know all about getting into the best boarding schools.


Parents and students alike have varying reasons for wanting a boarding school education instead of staying in a local high school. Changing schools can be a great way to explore new horizons and usher in new challenges for a child who might be looking for more self-enriching experiences in school. It is also a great way to help your child reach their full academic potential as boarding schools are known to provide rigorous education.


When applying for boarding school, it pays exploring your options so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Keep your options open and apply for several different schools so you can have a choice should one fail to come through. There are many competitive schools out there and each one of them offer great things for your child. Start by looking for schools that match your child’s needs and your educational expectations. It is also important to take finances into consideration as sending a child to boarding school is not cheap. An educational consultant may also be helpful in finding the right boarding school for your child.


Five Small but Important Things to Observe in the Top Boarding Schools in London

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There is much mystery surrounding boarding schools, mainly because of the misconceptions people believe to be true about the nature of education in these institutions. If you are thinking about sending your child to one of the London’s top boarding schools, but are unsure what good this move is going to do for your child, read on to know about important things you should know about boarding school education:


  • Not all boarding schools are the same and out of all the different kinds of boarding institutions not only in London, but the rest of the UK, there is sure to be a facility to suit your child’s requirements and meet their expectations. The best way to find the right boarding school for your child is to take time to determine what your child wants along with their educational and developmental goals. This will make it easier for you to select the best boarding school facility to nurture their potential.


  • Boarding school teachers play an important role in your child’s development. They are the main adult figures to watch over your child 24/7. Not only are they in charge of your child’s classroom education, they are also important pillars for their personal development within the school community.


  • Boarding schools are not as expensive as many might think. In fact, many boarding school institutions offer financial aid programs to make their courses more affordable. Boarding schools’ welcome children from all strata of society.


  • Your child is in good hands. Boarding school students are under close supervision inside the boarding school. Even when they spend their days outside campus, they are typically accompanied by chaperones who can keep watch over them as they explore town.


  • Finally, children get used to boarding school life pretty quickly. They learn to love learning and discovering new things as they get used to being more independent.

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Elite Boarding Schools England

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Boarding schools have always had a shady reputation because the many negative things people hear and read about them. Even worse, the media tends to highlight sensational stories that unfairly represent boarding schools and hardly show people exactly what kind of institutions they are. To help you dispel myths and remove your doubts and fears when it comes to elite boarding schools in England, below are some things you should think about and questions you should ask to get a better understanding of what these schools are really about:


  • Do you want more challenge for your child? Boarding schools stretch students’ intellect and abilities. They employ rigorous academic programs that are designed to challenge children in their studies and help them achieve their full potential. In addition to more challenging courses, they also offer plenty of opportunities for your child to discover their untapped skills and talents by including activities that focus on athletics and the arts, more than maths, sciences, and history.


  • Elite boarding schools also offer the best environment for children to develop their social skills as well as be encouraged to stay competitive as they learn to keep in stride with other achievers and students who are serious about their academic career. When you send your child to boarding school, they are likely to form lifelong friendships and connections with culturally diverse sets of friends who know how to respect each other’s differences and spur each other on to aspire for greatness.


  • Boarding schools employ the best teachers and staff to help rear students. They seek only the most talented, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers with high qualifications and credentials in teaching the subjects or courses they handle. They also care about the teacher’s experience when it comes to handling the developmental needs of children, not only academically, but in their personal and social life.

Common Misconceptions About Boarding Schools in Manchester

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There is a lot of misconceptions around boarding schools that are making parents apprehensive about sending their kids to school in a boarding facility, regardless how prestigious the school may be. Here are some myth busting insights to help you clear up some misunderstandings you may have about boarding schools in Manchester:


  • Contrary to popular belief, boarding schools are far from being parent-free zones. Children aren’t necessarily “abandoned’ to be reared by others in a boarding school. Parents don’t simply drop their children off in front of their boarding house and return to pick them up months later. The best boarding schools see to it that children’s parents are very much involved in the development of students. Not only do they encourage open communication with the children, they also offer plenty of opportunities for parents to see their kids in action through school concerts, sports matches, and other such activities. At-home weekends and breaks are also implemented to make sure that parents are very much in the lives of children even as they board away from home.


  • Boarding schools are also far from being austere and stiff institutions where children don’t have any freedom. Movie depictions of boarding school life may be prison-like, with very strict rules and terror headmasters and teachers. In reality, boarding schools offer a very nurturing environment, where children can truly maximise their potential and be free to discover themselves and acquire new interests.


  • Another popular misconception about boarding schools is that they are only for the rich and the affluent. While many boarding schools do ask for high fees, these only reflect the quality of education and facilities that they offer. Even so, the most prestigious boarding schools offer financial aid to students who may need assistance when it comes to paying for their education.