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Boarding schools uphold a rich culture of intellectual discourse and learning, as well as development in many other aspects apart from academic excellence. They offer the advantage of being a 24/7 intentional community of learning, growth, and development, in which children get the opportunity to live a structured student life, much like what they can expect from the university. If you are curious about boarding schools in Birmingham, below are some reasons why you might want to seriously consider boarding school education for your child:

  • Boarding schools offer a well-rounded academic experience. With much higher standards in terms of academic learning, boarding schools offer a more intellectually challenging environment that encourages higher learning—something that can truly prepare them for the demands of university.
  • Students are surrounded by like-minded students who like challenging themselves academically. Boarding schools mostly have a smart is cool culture. Because children tend to become more motivated to excel when they are surrounded by peers who have the same drive, they are more likely to be influenced towards academic success.
  • Boarding schools tend to have smaller class sizes, which means more individualised attention toward each member of the class. In larger classes, it is difficult to spot students who are falling into the cracks because there are simply too many of them for the teacher to notice, until test results come in. The risk of falling behind is greatly reduced in classrooms where children receive ample attention from their teacher and where they can actively participate in the discourse.
  • Boarding school facilities are some of the best and most extensive, ranging from well- equipped classrooms to art workshops, athletic facilities and playing fields, scientific laboratories, and other unique offerings that most day schools cannot provide.
  • Finally, boarding schools have a strong track record when it comes to university admissions. Boarding school graduates tend to get admitted to top schools and universities and are generally better prepared for college than their day school peers.
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