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The East Midlands spans an area of 15,627 square-kilometres and includes the areas of Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, and some parts of Lincolnshire. Its proximity to London is a major draw for both local and international students considering boarding school education in the East Midlands.

Choosing between boarding schools in east midlands can be a challenging endeavour, especially with the sheer number of good schools that you can choose from. Some schools offer full boarding environments, while others offer flexi and weekly boarding arrangements, which can be beneficial for some families. Full boarding is much more common in older year groups, as this provides good preparation for university. Teenage boarders also benefit from the social aspect of attending boarding school as they form a great support system while going through their independent studies or striving to get through their A-Level, CSCE or IB course.

Some of the best boarding schools you can consider in the East Midlands include Oakham School, Haileybury, Cheltenham College, Uppingham School, Shrewsbury School, Ellesmere College, and Royal Hospital School. These schools offer full boarding and are consistently on top of best schools lists for their excellent performance in national assessments.

UK boarding schools, including those in East Midlands, are in the forefront of educational innovation, especially when it comes to the care and development of children with special needs and those who require therapeutic or rehabilitative education. UK schools have specialised learning programs designed to cater to the unique needs of these children and provide support for their families so they can continue to thrive even outside of school. These programs help make sure that children with special needs have the best opportunity to succeed both in school and in life.

Boarding school education in general, provide beneficial experiences for students, including those with special needs, as boarding schools help provide tailored support for each child.

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