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East Sussex upholds England’s legacy of prestigious boarding schools. When considering East Sussex as your child’s boarding school destination, here are some things that you should know about the best boarding schools in this side of the UK:

  • Like the rest of the country, East Sussex boarding schools follow strict academic standards. They maintain smaller class sizes so each child can be watched over by instructors more closely than they would in a regular day school. Students receive the highest quality of education, all the while reaping the benefits of great pastoral care from the school staff. Best of all, when your child graduates from an East Sussex school, he or she will receive UK qualifications, which are highly recognised by universities and employers around the world.
  • Boarding school is largely a cultural experience. Not only will your child be able to adopt traditional British culture, he or she will also get to mingle with students hailing from every part of the world. This broadens their knowledge and experience of different cultures and traditions, and allows them to recognise the diversity that is innate in the world.
  • Apart from superior quality education and academics, boarding schools also offer great school and life balance by encouraging weekend activities, be they in the form of excursions outside of school to a visit to historical sites, museums, and other such places. There are also a great variety of extracurricular activities on offer in East Sussex boarding schools. Children can be involved in sports and hone their athletic abilities or explore other potentials such as in performing arts or perhaps mind-enhancing activities like chess and similar types of competitive activities. Boarding schools in East Sussex encourage children to reach their full potential and equip them with the right avenues and facilities so they can succeed in their chosen path.
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