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There are many different kinds of boarding schools designed to help children excel both academically and in life. These schools offer unique opportunities for children to thrive in an environment where they can be more independent and learn disciplines that prepare them for a responsible future. London is quite well known for its wealth of boarding school facilities. In fact, there are all sorts of private boarding schools that you can choose from when contemplating the many great benefits of boarding school education for your child.

Generally, boarding schools are a tight-knit community where students and faculty live on campus, providing children with great learning opportunities well beyond the extent of their classrooms. On-campus living provide students with the benefit of having their teachers act as more than their educational instructors, but also as their house advisors whom they can turn to for advice on all kinds of things inside or outside the context of their academics. They become real mentors and second parents for children living and studying away from home.

There are many different types of boarding schools that you can consider if you want your child to experience boarding school education. There are college prep schools that are designed to help students become better prepared for the rigours and demands of college life. These schools often offer advanced studies and are very focused on academics and certain areas of interest. They can be exclusive to a specific gender or co-educational, where boys and girls can mingle. Military schools are special types of boarding schools that provide strict structure, hence their reputation as a school for the “troubled” and “at-risk.” Other boarding schools focus on athletics, while others are artistically inclined. Some are also faith-based, while others are therapeutic and cater to those with special learning needs, or are battling some behavioural or developmental issues.

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