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Located in the England’s south-east, the city of Oxford is considered one of the UK’s most ethnically diverse and fastest growing cities, making it such a sought-after boarding school destination for many international students. Only 82 kilometres from the British capital, Oxford is also within easy reach of other popular educational hubs like Bristol, Reading, Birmingham, and Southampton. It is also known worldwide to be the home of the oldest university, the University of Oxford.

There is a long list of top-notch boarding schools in Oxford and Oxfordshire, along with other schools that provide superior quality education for parents and students to choose from. Boarding schools are much preferred by many because of the high level of education and extensive academic opportunities that they offer. Boarding schools are designed to stretch children’s intellectual abilities and help them achieve their best potential when it comes to academics. In addition to rigorous learning, boarding schools are also known for their wide array of extracurricular activities that help hone children’s skills outside of academic courses. They offer a great variety of sports programs as well as courses that relate to arts, applied sciences, and even performing arts. Some boarding schools even specialise in one or more of these areas and focus their programs around these activities.

Perhaps one of the most unique benefits of boarding school education is the opportunity for students to lead independent lives. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not supervised in any way outside of their classes. Boarding schools where children reside in-campus employ faculty members and staff who also act as house parents for students. Their role includes providing pastoral care and guidance for the children residing in their halls. Allowing a child to become more independent teaches them to be more responsible for their own choices and decisions, which is something they need to develop in order to succeed in the future.

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