Ballmoral Hall, Winnipeg Canada

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Winnipeg,CanadaWe can say: Whatever you want! There are plenty things to do and even more places to visit! This beautiful city of Winnipeg offers you a great pleasure of relaxing and developing culturally which is really important in a contemporary world. This city also gives you the possibility to see and participate in some great festivals! Among these you can find: Festival du Voyageur, Folklorama or Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Ballmoral Hall is a great boarding school for girls. In Ballmoral Hall you will find the IB programme which will help you to get the best education abroad!

We focus on a trans-disciplinary skills of our pupils which fastens the overall development of the child. Here at Ballmoral Hall we also offer an international awareness which enables our girls to be prepared for the expectations of contemporary world and will give them best possibilities to work abroad in the future.Ballmoral-Hall

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