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One of the greatest things about boarding schools is the wealth of learning that they offer. When you enter the boarding school system, education takes on a much broader meaning, as you get to experience more things than you would in a regular school. In addition to living independently and away from home, one of the unique benefits of a boarding school education is having the opportunity to form close bonds of friendship and camaraderie with students from different backgrounds, traditions, and cultures. These are people from whom you can learn things far beyond what school can teach.

Boarding schools in Devon put you in a learning environment where venturing out of your comfort zone and trying new things are highly encouraged. Part of the adventure of attending boarding school is discovering the diverse cultures of your classmates, half of whom (or even more) will likely come from cultural and historical backgrounds that are unique to your own. Boarding schools accept students from a diverse and extensive range of racial, socio-economic, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. This means getting up close and personal with different cultures of the world, and learning a lot of life lessons from students and even faculty members whose experiences are very different from your own.

From former acquaintances, students are able to form deeper and more intense friendships with their multi-cultural circle because they get to experience more of their schooling life together. Not only do they get to learn together inside the four walls of their classrooms, they also get to spend school trips and weekends together, and more importantly, they get to learn how to live with each other and resolve their conflicts on their own. This is how boarding schools in Devon encourage and instil respect for different cultures in their students.  

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