Help Your Child Develop Leadership Qualities through the Best Boarding Schools in USA

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Boarding schools offer unique educational experiences for students. In fact, these types of institutions take great pride in providing holistic education-one that provides focus not only on skills needed inside the classroom, but also on skills needed to survive the outside world. Boarding schools are close-knit communities that provide a supportive and fun environment where students can thrive not only in the academic areas, but also in other areas of learning.

Boarding schools offer quality academics. In fact, high academic standards are among the universal qualities boarding schools have. These schools have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. They produce students that are not only intellectually superior, but also have self discipline, and sound study and work skills. A boarding school’s unique residential learning environment is a crucial aspect in developing these qualities, especially because students are completely immersed in studies and academics, while enjoying the benefits of having smaller class sizes and highly qualified and passionate instructors. This kind of academic standard pushes students to become achievers and encourage them to maximise their learning potential.

Academic prowess, however, is not the only great thing that students get from boarding schools. They also develop strong social skills, which lead to overcoming fears, and developing maturity and independence, all of which are important in establishing good leadership qualities in young students. Independence is a key in developing important leadership skills that your child needs to conquer the academe and beyond.

The immersive educational experiences that boarding schools offer and provide students give them great opportunities to develop skills and qualities that would help them cope with the challenges they are about to face as they dip their toes into the real world. Intellectual superiority and leadership experiences are only two of the best things your child will get out of attending boarding school.


Get More Information on Certified Boys and Girls Boarding Schools

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There are hundreds of boarding schools around the world where you can send your child to. Number of these schools prepare students for higher education and college level work, earning them a title, prep or college prep school, which you will notice in many school titles. Boarding schools can either be co-educational or single-sex, although there are also some which accept and teach all-girl or all-boy students while running a separate program which offer co-educational format.

Boarding schools can also be categorised according to types of students that they accept. There are alternative or therapeutic schools which serve the needs of specific types of students such as those with disciplinary, emotional, or health/developmental issues. Schools like these often cater to children with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning abilities, as well as those in need of special therapies. These kinds of schools are run by highly skilled and credentialed staff in order to guarantee the best possible education and outcome for their students, much like any other type of boarding school. Other schools combine academics with sports or military training.

It helps looking at online resources whenever choosing a boarding school to send your child to. There are excellent online portals where you can review boarding school profiles and get helpful information on the best schools to fit your child’s needs. It is through these resources that you can begin to narrow down your choices and find the best match for your child.

Boarding schools often follow their own curriculum, but they do follow the legislated requirements for curriculum content that each school must meet, according to local standards. At least 99 percent of boarding schools exceed these minimum requirements, as they offer holistic learning and provide focus on many different aspects of education apart from academics.


Do Best Boarding Schools Contribute Positively to Your Child’s Future? Expert’s Advice

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Many parents find sending their kids to a boarding school necessary because of their work and living circumstances. Still more parents make the conscious choice to have their kids attend boarding school, as an important educational investment for their child’s future. Public and private day schools which are closer to home may provide good education, but boarding schools ensure academic excellence in all aspects of their program. While keeping a close watch on your kid may be more possible when they are living at home, there are many great benefits of sending them miles away to attend boarding school:

  • Extended activities – Most boarding schools provide plenty of opportunities for a wide range of activities that students can participate in. Staple activities like sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) can be expected along with other unique alternatives you don’t usually see in day schools, like boxing, jiu jitsu, rock climbing, flight training, scuba diving, and many varied activities that offer new experiences.
  • Self reliance – One of the biggest and most useful skill which boarding school students learn from while studying away from home is independence and self-reliance. They learn how to complete personal assignments, perform domestic chores, and cope with life without the help of others, while also getting a handle on managing their resources. This makes them more mature and more real-world-savvy than their day school peers.
  • High moral character – The majority of boarding schools adhere to strict and high moral codes and aim to impress moral principles upon each student they admit. This leads students to practice the right values and manners until they are second nature. This is also why boarding school students tend to be more disciplined and organised and have stronger work ethic than typical day school children.
  • Cultural diversity – Lastly, boarding schools offer a great deal of cultural diversity, exposing students to other kids from across the country, and even around the world.

Does Choosing Top-Notch Boarding Schools For Your Teen Develop His Personality?

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Teenage years make up a critical transitional stage during which your child can experience a lot of difficulty socialising and finding himself. He is no longer a kid, but not an adult yet. Because of this, many teenagers experience confusion and develop issues that can affect their development as a person.

Some parents consider enrolling their teens in boarding schools where they can receive the discipline and education which they need. There are boarding schools that specialise in troubled teens, providing guidance and therapy, as well as top-notch academic instruction. Boarding schools for troubled teens aim to develop the personality of the teenager and heal their trouble minds while enabling them to get the world-class education which they deserve.

The teenage years can be very awkward. Teens go through a lot of physical changes, and their developing hormones cause them to feel emotions that may overwhelm them. Some of them can become extremely shy, while others act out. A top notch boarding school can help with these issues. The best boarding schools can help your teen open up, become the best version of themselves, and feel more confident. It provides a venue for self-discovery.

In some cases, being away from home and their usual environments can make teens stop, reflect, and think about how they really want to live their lives. Being away gives them a fresh start in a new place with new peers that may share the same issues as them. In a boarding school, teens realise that they are not alone and it is all right to be themselves. Sending your teen to a boarding school can teach him to become independent, and to deal with his problems constructively with the help of top notch educators who are trained to handle young adults during this transition.


Girls Boarding School – Is It The Right Fit for a Problematic Teenage Daughter?

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A girls’ boarding school is an educational institution where your daughter can learn independence or fulfil her need to be independent while receiving the best academic and social education, as well as sorting out any disciplinary issues. Nowadays, more and more parents send their daughters to boarding school for various reasons. If you are thinking of doing the same but are quite nervous about your decision, don’t worry—that’s perfectly normal. Talking to an educational placement consultant can certainly help clarify some misconceptions and set you on the path to choosing the most suitable school for your child.

Having a teenage daughter can be overwhelming and difficult. The pressures of being a teenager can make her act out of character. Some parents even find themselves becoming the ‘enemy’ of their daughter when all they want to do is protect her from the things that may potentially harm her. A typical teenage girl usually seeks independence, becomes less tolerant of her parents’ involvement in her life, and develops more interest in her personal appearance and what boys think about her. It may be common for her to have emotional outbursts and act hostile towards anyone who may attempt to give her advice or guide her. Not all teenage girls can overcome these issues by themselves, and they may need the professional guidance of educators and mentors in an all-girl boarding school.

Benefits of All-Girls Boarding School Education

Apart from providing a more disciplined and structured environment, an all-girls school can also provide top-notch academic training. A 20-year study in Australia revealed that girls who attend exclusive schools score 15 to 22-percent higher on standardised tests. In Britain, a look at 979 primary schools and 2954 high schools reveals that girls are able to improve their academic performance in an all-girl classroom regardless of their socio-economic status or ability.

In an all-girl boarding school, you never have to worry about your daughter being the object of sexual harassment or teasing from boys. Typically, boarding schools for girls have smaller class sizes, which mean more personalised instruction. The teachers themselves are adepts in teaching female students and dealing with teenage girls. With no boys to compete with, your daughter can feel free and to achieve her fullest potential, develop more self-confidence, and learn to socialise more effectively with her peers.


Are You Choosing The Right School For Your Child? Here Are the Boarding Schools That Cater Your Specific Needs

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Choosing a school for your child can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. You want to make sure that you are sending him to the right school because after all, he will be spending most of the year there. The ‘right’ fit is where your child can receive the best education while developing the skills which he or she needs to become a productive adult, confident and willing to take risks to achieve what he wants.

Boarding schools are among the best schools for children because of the exclusivity, excellent education, and more personalised manner of instructing and guiding children. Here are just a few of the many boarding schools that cater to specific needs:

Lime House School, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

Ranked among the 100 co-ed boarding schools in the UK, Lime House School aims to provide a supportive and caring environment to its students to enable them to reach their full potential. The school is known for its excellent educators. Lime House School ensures a safe and sound place for children to become self-confident and learn the best values, which can help them when they leave school.

Cheshire Academy, Cheshire, Connecticut, USA

This is a co-ed and independent boarding school which was founded in 1794, with 400 students in grade 8 to grade 12, and a post-graduate year. Cheshire Academy is a student-centred school known for its demanding but supportive educational environment. It can help develop a child’s athletic and artistic skills with its wide selection of athletic and artistic opportunities.

Brentwood College School, Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada

This is among North America’s top notch residential schools for boys and girls, dating back to 1923. Brentwood College School is known for guiding its students to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. It features a 47-acre oceanfront campus with modern facilities. Currently it has over 400 students, all receiving world class education.

Ecole La Garenne: Franco-Anglaise, Chesieres, Switzerland

This is among the best preparatory boarding schools in Switzerland. This family-run school provides bilingual French-English education for boys and girls aged five to 14. It is known for high academic standards and strong values education. The average class size is 13 and the student to staff ratio of 2:1, so every child gets more personal support and encouragement from educators.


All You Need Know About the Best Boarding School for Your Teen

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Do you feel like your child’s current school is unable to adequately provide the academic, social, and emotional needs of your child? Perhaps it’s time to consider a boarding school. Not every boarding school is alike, and it’s best to do your own research, as well as to consult an academic placement consultant to determine the best fit.

There are different kinds of boarding schools. College-prep schools are designed for students who are already academically motivated to be successful, but would like to be challenged with more learning opportunities beyond their classroom. There are also boarding schools that cater to particular skills like athletics, arts, and sciences, while others add a military or religious aspect to education. Some boarding schools are therapeutic and mainly cater to troubled children or students with special needs.

When choosing, it is important that you consider and understand the abilities and shortcomings of your child. Does he or she need further academic challenge? Find out your child’s goals and interests, and see if he/she has any special skills and talents that can be developed further into a career. You should consider your child’s emotional and social needs, too. Find out if he has any difficulty socialising due to shyness or awkwardness, or if your child has personal issues that may affect his health and personality.

Research is necessary if you want to find the most suitable choice. Pick up a brochure or visit the websites of boarding schools you are interested in to learn about their mission and vision statements, which can give you a brief idea on what to expect and how your child will learn. To save time, seek the advice of educational experts and professional consultants who specialise in helping parents select the best boarding schools in the world.


Accomplish Your Goals! Study at the Top Boarding Schools of the World

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The standards for education and pastoral care in boarding schools have never been higher, especially with the growing number of discriminating parents who will never settle for anything less than the best for their children. With expectations for greatness at an all time high, boarding schools have no choice but to match the demands of students and parents, thus providing the world with highly competitive environments where they can learn and grow.

Top Boarding schools of the world offer the best of both worlds—a culturally enriching boarding life and a mentally stimulating and academically enriching school life. The diversity of cultures within boarding schools is also beneficial for both local and international students, as they are exposed to people from different backgrounds. Local students get to establish friendships and real relationships with foreign students, while internationals get to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment at an early age, which can give them more confidence, fluency, and a more technically accurate command of the universal language that is most widely used in the global market. Having a good handle of the English language is a huge advantage in molding globally competitive individuals.

Top boarding schools work very hard to make home to school transitions smooth, especially for younger children and those moving from abroad. They offer the best living conditions possible and provide students with plenty of options to keep busy, as well as to enjoy their time away from home. Boarding schools provide students with access to facilities, as well as to their school staff even after the school day is over, which allows them to excel more in their studies. Clubs and activities are also plenty, giving students the opportunity to nurture their talents and explore some hidden occupations that can possibly change their lives.


Having a Hard Time Picking the Right Boarding High School?

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Numerous factors should play into your decision about the right boarding school for your high school kid. More than the institution’s academic success, you should consider many other criteria that will ultimately form the foundation of your child’s development. High-quality education is obviously important, but there is more to schooling than academics, which is why it is crucial that you weigh in other factors such as:

  • The basic requirements of your child – Does the school fit the age range, gender, religious denomination, day/boarding population mix, subjects offered, and qualifications that you have personally set for your child?
  • What does your child want – Will your child be happy with the ethos, style of teaching, academic range, and special interest programs/classes offered by the school?
  • Academic track record – Your child’s education should always be first place, while the school’s academic track record is not the only factor you should consider, it should form a big part of your decision. It wouldn’t hurt to ask about the school’s exam success, leavers’ destinations, and passing rates in top schools/colleges.
  • Accommodation options – Does the school have flexible accommodation options (dormitories, private rooms, living/study facilities, etc.) and do they have proper supervision?
  • School facilities – Does the school offer specialized facilities for honing skills, like music rooms, theatres, art and science labs, etc.?
  • Extracurricular activities – Does the school offer a range of extracurricular activities that will allow your child to discover other interests and skills? Will these activities cost extra and can they be integrated with the entire program/course?
  • Location – Is the school within a safe, optimum location, where there are few outside distractions and which you can conveniently visit as needed?
  • Pastoral care – Will your child receive the utmost guidance and care while boarding at the chosen school?

Browse the net to find the right boarding school consultant and get your child admitted in right boarding school.


Choose the Best Girls’ Boarding School in England

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The media (film, TV, books, etc.) gives the public exaggerated depictions of the realities of boarding school life. And while these stem negative connotations about such institutions, they also pose an all-important question for those who are seriously considering a boarding school education—why would I want to go to a boarding school? The answer is quite simple. Boarding schools create great opportunities for students to pick-up and learn all-important life skills, while getting full access to high-quality education.

Not all boarding schools are the same, but each has its own strengths. Girls’ boarding schools, for example, specialize in addressing the needs of girl students in ways that traditional co-educational schooling can’t. Single-sex schools can focus more on developing the strengths and overcoming the weaknesses of students by tailoring programs that allow undivided attention to each aspect of their education.  

All-girls boarding schools serve as a second home for students, where they can spend their time learning and experiencing life with people other than their families and close circles. It is where they can experience belongingness in a community where they can blend in and at the same time discovered and hone their own individual personalities, skills, and talents. England is known for its prestigious girls-only boarding schools, among the most famous of which are:

  • Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire – This is an independent girls’ boarding school that excels in educating young girls in a friendly environment, enabling them to rise to personal challenges and discover their strengths.
  • Badminton School in Bristol – Badminton School offers well-rounded education through specialist courses and subjects, coupled with practical programs that help prepare students for life after school. They offer strong geography, science, history, language, math, art, music, and sports programs in both the junior and senior school.
  • Cheltenham Ladies’ College in Gloucestershire – This top girls’ boarding school offers broad education from year 7 to year 13. Students have a choice of 28 different subjects, including advanced classes in maths, sciences, languages, and a lot more.