10 Unexpected Ways Prestigious Boarding Schools in England Can Make Your Life Better

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There are countless reasons why you should seriously consider sending your child to boarding school. From academics to athletics and extracurricular activities, boarding schools offer much, much more things to make life better for your child. Here are 10 unexpected ways that prestigious boarding schools in England can be good for your kid:


  • Boarding school teachers have high qualifications in the subjects they are teaching as well as in providing guidance to students. These experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their field of specialisation and are extremely passionate about imparting knowledge to the young people.


  • Boarding schools have impressive sports facilities. They also offer unique sports programs you will rarely find in traditional day schools.


  • Children who are into arts will benefit from superb art programs and facilities, from theatre to dance, fine arts, music, and other such artistic pursuits.


  • Living away from home will teach children how to cope with high and low points of life, under the watchful eyes of teachers who serve more than just educators and baby-sitters, but as mentors.


  • Boarding schools stretch children’s potential by giving them a packed curriculum that allow them to expand their ability to take on academic challenges.


  • Classes are composed of students from all parts of the world. In addition to cultural diversity, students in boarding schools also go through a rigorous admissions process, which ensures good competition amongst themselves.


  • The most prestigious boarding schools have well-stocked media centres and libraries where students can expand their knowledge.


  • Living independently teaches students how to be more responsible for themselves, their decisions, and the way they relate with others.


  • Classroom population in boarding schools are small and easily manageable by teachers so students can have ample attention, thus addressing their needs more efficiently.


  • Boarding school education yields smarter and more confident children thanks to rigorous academic and extracurricular programs.

Skills that You Can Learn from Boarding Schools in Essex

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Boarding schools prepare children for future success. Their unique set-up promotes great learnings not only academically, but practically. Many of these skills are usable not only in their college career, but in their adult life. The things that children learn from boarding schools in Essex are exactly what employers are looking for in potential employees, ranging from independence to the ability to work with others, sensitivity to personal differences, creative problem solving, and aptitude for dependability and loyalty. Below are some of the most significant skills boarding schools teach children:


  • Independence and time management – Boarding schools teach great lessons when it comes to time management, independence, and self-reliance. With students taking charge of tasks that help them succeed academically, they learn the value of self-reliance. Children also learn to take charge of their personal needs, helping them become more independent and responsible for their time and schedule.


  • Cooperation with others – Boarding school students develop a deeper sense of understanding of others’ strengths and needs, and therefore learn how to cooperate with their peers, either in their dorms or inside the classroom. They build a strong sense of community early in life, which can be useful in their academic and professional careers.


  • Basic life skills – Boarding schools are also excellent platforms for teaching basic life skills as children learn how to balance their activities as well as how to live on their own and take charge of their life in general. They learn time management and balancing of their involvement and associations as well as how to solve daily problems like broken things and torn clothing.


  • Broader personal views – Boarding schools, with their culturally diverse student population, expose students to a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and histories, helping them broaden their personal views. The fact that people spend the majority of their time under a roof with fellow students also help them develop deeper bonds and understanding of ethnic diversity.

How to Get into the Best Boarding Schools in Wiltshire?

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There is really no top-secret way to get into the best boarding schools in Wiltshire or elsewhere in the UK, but with hard work, passion, and commitment, it will be a lot easier for your child to wow the board of administrators in his or her school of choice and increase their chances of getting in. In reality, you only need three things to get into the right boarding school: a strong desire for the kind of education that the school provides, an organised and systematic approach in following the different steps of the admission process, and the flexibility to explore your options and follow the advice of experts and professionals who know all about getting into the best boarding schools.


Parents and students alike have varying reasons for wanting a boarding school education instead of staying in a local high school. Changing schools can be a great way to explore new horizons and usher in new challenges for a child who might be looking for more self-enriching experiences in school. It is also a great way to help your child reach their full academic potential as boarding schools are known to provide rigorous education.


When applying for boarding school, it pays exploring your options so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Keep your options open and apply for several different schools so you can have a choice should one fail to come through. There are many competitive schools out there and each one of them offer great things for your child. Start by looking for schools that match your child’s needs and your educational expectations. It is also important to take finances into consideration as sending a child to boarding school is not cheap. An educational consultant may also be helpful in finding the right boarding school for your child.


Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Elite Boarding Schools England

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Boarding schools have always had a shady reputation because the many negative things people hear and read about them. Even worse, the media tends to highlight sensational stories that unfairly represent boarding schools and hardly show people exactly what kind of institutions they are. To help you dispel myths and remove your doubts and fears when it comes to elite boarding schools in England, below are some things you should think about and questions you should ask to get a better understanding of what these schools are really about:


  • Do you want more challenge for your child? Boarding schools stretch students’ intellect and abilities. They employ rigorous academic programs that are designed to challenge children in their studies and help them achieve their full potential. In addition to more challenging courses, they also offer plenty of opportunities for your child to discover their untapped skills and talents by including activities that focus on athletics and the arts, more than maths, sciences, and history.


  • Elite boarding schools also offer the best environment for children to develop their social skills as well as be encouraged to stay competitive as they learn to keep in stride with other achievers and students who are serious about their academic career. When you send your child to boarding school, they are likely to form lifelong friendships and connections with culturally diverse sets of friends who know how to respect each other’s differences and spur each other on to aspire for greatness.


  • Boarding schools employ the best teachers and staff to help rear students. They seek only the most talented, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers with high qualifications and credentials in teaching the subjects or courses they handle. They also care about the teacher’s experience when it comes to handling the developmental needs of children, not only academically, but in their personal and social life.

Best Private Boarding Schools in UK: Perfect Way to Get Success for Children

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Private boarding schools in the UK produce successful children, thanks to the rigorous education they receive inside the classroom and the numerous practical learning experiences they go through on the daily basis. If your child is thinking about changing schools, below are major reasons why boarding might be a good option:


  • Boarding schools employ passionate teachers and staff who are dedicated to imparting their knowledge and good values to children. These are people whose lives are committed to helping parents build up responsible and successful young adults and fair members of society.


  • Boarding schools ensure unparalleled educational standards, as they follow strict and more comprehensive curriculum that work to challenge children to expand their knowledge and learning.


  • Children who board learn how to be more independent. This will serve them well as they face the demands of university life all the way to young adulthood. Without their parents or their family to fall back on as they live and study far from home, they gain a sense of responsibility for their own wellbeing and develop independence and self-reliance.


  • Boarding schools keep classes small so teachers and instructors can focus on the needs of each child. Without 30 other students jostling for one teacher’s attention, children can be better cared for, especially when they have weak points to address, especially when it comes to their academics.


  • In boarding school, students are treated like adults and are expected to be responsible for their decisions and actions. They are expected to act maturely, which can be invaluable as they face the real word.


  • Boarding schools are equipped with the best facilities, so children can take advantage of state of the art libraries, laboratories, sports arenas, theatres, and more. This allows them to maximise their learning and have better appreciation for the different activities offered within school.

Best Boarding Schools: An Innovative Idea to Build Confidence Among Kids

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One of the main benefits you’ll often hear about boarding schools is that they help build children’s confidence and boost their self-esteem. This deeply rooted trait is critical to their success not only in academics but more importantly in facing practical life challenges. Confidence is essential in many aspects of life, such as choosing the right career/educational path and exceling in it. Here are the ways that boarding school education increases confidence among students:


  • The forced independence children experience in a boarding school setting helps them gain more confidence in their own ability to make their own decisions. Giving young boys and girls a certain degree of independence allows them to gain a level of self-discipline they won’t get to unless they are left to fend for themselves. While forced independence may sound tough especially for young kids, it can actually be a great way to stretch their self-discipline and build their self-confidence.


  • Small class sizes, which are encouraged in boarding schools, also give children better opportunity to get involved inside the classroom—something that is often overlooked in larger class sizes of up to 30 or 40 pupils. Under-confident students can easily hide in the crowd so they don’t need to get involved or answer questions. A smaller class size forces them to stay seen, while helping them lose their nerves and anxiety as they learn how to voice themselves out in a smaller, but often more attentive crowd.


As a result of smaller class sizes, boarding school teachers are also able to pay more attention to the needs of each of their students. With their strengths reinforced and their weaknesses addressed, students can more confidently and competently carry themselves beyond their academic abilities. When teachers are able to pay attention to their student’s needs, they produce more confident pupils.


4 Reasons Your Child Could Benefit from Therapeutic Boarding School UK

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Traditionally, boarding schools used to be an ideal solution for students who want more challenge in their school. Other boarding schools provide structure to keep students on track, while others provide additional benefits like offering therapeutic advantages for troubled teens as well as those who may need special education. Housing in therapeutic boarding schools, for instance, are much more home-like so the school can provide better relational foundation where educators, therapists, and staff can spend more time with students and develop deeper relationships as they interact with them socially. Below are 4 major benefits of therapeutic boarding schools you should consider:


  • Children who have gone through or perhaps still going through depression, ADD, PTSD, strained relationships, eating disorders, bullying, special medical conditions, or perhaps some behavioural conditions could definitely benefit from the healing environment that therapeutic boarding schools provide. These schools are also staffed by qualified and licensed counsellor and therapists who can give children the care and attention they need through well-structured therapeutic processes that are integrated into their educational programs.


  • Therapeutic boarding schools offer multiple options for therapy, whether your child requires one-on-one or group sessions to aid in their recovery. There are even family workshops and other alternative treatment options that can help them overcome their issues and develop healthier relationships with peers and the people around them.


  • Therapeutic schools have peer-driven communities. This builds accountability, which allows children to have a stronger support system not only academically but also in their personal development.


  • Finally, therapeutic boarding schools are big on continued care. The accountability they earn during their time in therapy doesn’t stop once they get off the boarding school. The support system persists as they go on their way to their first day of college or their new job. This helps them transition more effectively from boarding school to real life.

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About the Best Boarding School for Boys in the UK

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A boys’ boarding school may be a great choice for your son if you want him to receive the highest-quality education in an environment where he can be supported by the right people. It is a place where he can develop his character, too. It is natural to have some doubts and fears about sending him to a good boarding school for boys in the UK, as he will have to live away from you and in a foreign country. However, as long as you pick the best school, you will have less to worry about and be more confident in your decision to let him study abroad.

Leading boarding schools for boys in the UK are among the best schools in the world. In some cases, they surpass the reputation of co-educational institutions in England. This is because of the quality of education they have, as well as the myriad of extra-curricular activities they organise for their students. In these institutions, every boy is allowed to grow and develop in his own place and in a familiar environment, without distractions. He does not have to feel embarrassed or ridiculed, and he does not have to worry about being discriminated, which is common at non-boarding and public schools.

The best boarding school for boys in the UK takes special care of their students. In case, they notice that a student is not performing well, special courses will be organised for him in addition to after-school training and camps during the summer and winter. Regular students can enjoy summer and winter camps, too, and most of them will find these activities enjoyable and fun, albeit educational, and they give them more time to spend with their friends. This way, you can be sure that your son can learn while having fun. School trips are common in most boarding schools for boys, and sometimes, they have opportunities to go abroad to expand their knowledge and broaden their cultural horizons.

If you are concerned about choosing the wrong school, you can avoid that by working with a boarding schools’ placements consultant who is based in London. That way, you can gain enough information to help you make an informed decision with your son. You will be assisted through the application and testing process, too.


Awesome Things You Can Learn from the Best Boarding Schools in the UK

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More than the academic excellence that boarding schools offer, parents and students are attracted to the concept of residential schooling because of the life skills that children stand to learn as they journey through a boarding school. Beyond classroom instruction, lessons extend to include responsible independence, social skills, tolerance, self-confidence, and so much more practical skills that can truly help build up a well-rounded young adult. In addition to strong and robust academic preparation, the things that boarding school teaches help children succeed and thrive in college and life in general:

  • Boarding school education teach independence and responsibility – A child’s teenage years present the perfect time for learning responsibility in independence and boarding schools make for a great venue for promoting this kind of learning. A private boarding school is an incredible place to help students learn how to be responsible not only for their own time, but also for their possessions, and most importantly, their own well-being. Boarding schools are great places to teach self-reliance, while practicing character development in a broad and diverse community environment.
  • Boarding school education helps broaden a child’s personal views – Boarding schools are home to students that hail from all parts of the world. This means that your child will get an opportunity to share meals, classes, and sleeping quarters with an incredibly diverse set of friends, fostering relationships that transcend racial, ethnic, geographical, and gender differences. This provides students an opportunity and a privilege to share personal stories, experiences, and cultural insights with one another and broaden their personal and the world views.
  • Boarding school education boosts social skills – Another major advantage of allowing a child to attend boarding school is letting them embrace independence, while immersing themselves in the company of their peers and mentors, which can mean great for boosting their self-confidence and social interactions.

10 Things You Learn in Christian Boarding Schools in the UK

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For many, the transition from regular school to boarding school can be a nerve wracking, but it’s definitely a small price to pay for the many great things that can be learned in the process. There are many advantages to attending Christian boarding school in the UK, and the following are only a few of the most critical lessons you’ll learn in your time at a residential school:

  • Time management – Perhaps one of the greatest challenges faced by university students is managing their own time—something that boarders get to learn and master during their first years of boarding.
  • Study, work, and life balance – Apart from time management, another valuable lesson learnt at boarding school is balancing study, social life, sports, extracurriculars, and other activities, while maintaining their general well-being.
  • Self-sufficiency – Boarding school life also teaches self-reliance and self-sufficiency as students only have themselves to depend on when it comes to doing their own laundry, managing their own expenses, making important decisions, etc.
  • Creativity and resourcefulness – Students are also forced to be innovative when it comes to solving problems and making better use of their time outside class.
  • Living with other people – Boarding school students learn how to be considerate of their roommates’ needs and get along with others despite differences.
  • Diversity – Boarding schools’ welcome students from all parts of the world, bringing together an international population and teaching students the beauty in diversity.
  • Adaptability – Boarding school students also learn how to adapt more easily into unexpected situations as they train themselves to live outside the usual comforts of home.
  • Caution in trusting the right/wrong people – Students who live away from home also learn early on how to gauge people’s character and are therefore more cautious in choosing the right people to trust.
  • Greater appreciation for family – Absence makes the heart fonder cannot be truer in boarding school living. Children who live and study away from home tend to forge tighter bonds with family over time.
  • Finally, boarding school students learn a lot about their own person by experiencing life alone.