Boarding Schools are Best for Your Child’s Primary Education

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The primary years are also the most important formative years of children’s lives. It is crucial that they receive the best education possible to help them maximize their learning and development potential from an early age. Some primary and junior boarding schools, in fact, begin boarding as early as the third grade. Here are top reasons why boarding schools are worth considering for your child’s primary education:

  • Primary boarding schools offer accelerated learning, jump starting a child’s academic career and preparing him or her for tougher challenges as he or she advances to higher grade levels. These impressionable years should be taken advantage of, thus helping them develop better study habits, which can be very beneficial later in adolescence and even after.
  • Boarding schools offer guided independence, giving children a unique sense of freedom under the counsel and guidance of teachers and qualified school staff. This gives them an opportunity to become more independent and confident in their own skin.
  • Supplementary extracurricular activities such as sports, arts and other clubs, also allow students to balance studies with other enriching activities that let them explore their abilities and special gifts. Boarding schools integrates academics with various extracurricular activities very seamlessly for a more fulfilling student life.
  • Better character development is another reason to consider when sending your child to a boarding school. Student populations in boarding schools are kept small so that everyone knows everyone, thus allowing more meaningful relationships between friends and peers.
  • Lastly, boarding schools are very multi-cultural and international in nature, giving children the opportunity to interact with other children that have different cultural backgrounds than their own. This opens their minds to the great diversity of the real world around them.

Boarding Schools: Trust only the bests

A boarding school offers many advantages when compared to a public school as the state-of-art facilities provided by a boarding school are of no match to a public school. While choosing a boarding school for your child, it is important that you get all the needed information about everything related to that school from a trusted source. You will come across about global education consultants who can provide you the required information and one such is the Best Boarding School Worldwide. They are considered to be the expert in all kinds of boarding school starting from state boarding schools and boys’ boarding schools to British boarding schools and boarding schools in the USA.


Abbey College in London

This is one of the best colleges in London which will definitely meet your expectations.

This is an independent boarding school for students from every single part of the world which will prepare you for the A levels.

The main goal of Abbey College is to keep up with the ‘gold standard’ of education which is possible because of the limited size of classes. This is an opportunity for each student to be treated individually and teachers can focus on the separate needs of every child.


Best Boarding Schools – The best school directory

picture1It is a really interesting that things change so quickly. Boarding schools in the UK were used to be fulfilled with British students only and now they are known for the opportunities they create and international classes. Public and private boarding schools across the UK have a wide range of different students from across the globe and more and more facilities are now being recognized as international boarding schools in England. They are now becoming particularly popular with Latin American students, and BBS is really pleased with the fact that we can help more and more students from Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Africa to get into wonderful British schools offering a safe and supportive environment in which learning and developing is nothing but a pleasure!


Easter weekend!

picWe think that every student at boarding schools in America or in UK knows what the Easter is all about!

The Easter weekend is in late March or early April, but the exact date changes every year. Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the day when Jesus Christ came back from the dead. It is an ancient symbol of spring and new life.

On Easter Sunday people give colored and chocolate eggs to each other and send cards. Some cities have Easter parades with games and sports and a big Easter egg hunt. Children look for dyed hard-boiled eggs hidden around the house. The President himself has an annual Easter egg hunt on the lawn around the white House.

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Start Building A Better Future of Your Child With Best Boarding Schools

We know that you want to give your child the opportunity for better start in life and for the wide range of possibilities in the future. So finding the right school is essential in this case. But it can also feel like a huge challenge for both Parent and child. So we are here to help you find the best boarding school for your kid!

Best Boarding Schools got all the information you need on one website to build a complete picture of the schools in an area which interests you. And because we’ve been working with schools for quite a long time, our unique relationship enables us to give you information that you won’t find in newspapers or leaflets!

Find the best school for your child! Not any school but the best school because your child is the best!

You can search for schools based on all kinds of criteria including those that suit your child’s abilities or needs. And we can help you evaluate your choices and in case of any doubts we are here to help you!



Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, UK

MerchistoncastleMerchiston has its own mission to ensure each boy to achieve success and to discover their potential and then make the most of it! This is not the only thing that we do care at Merchiston. We are also interested and dedicated for the best education which is provided for our students. This is because of the fact that we think that the best education is a corner stone of future success.

We also ask ourselves each and every time: “What is the best for boys?”

The Merchiston Golf Academy exists since September 2011 and cooperates with Kings Acre Golf Course.

We aim to develop the boys through a progressive system that allows them to work on their own golf performance programmes under the guidance of the team of specialized instructors. Their experience will help the boys to become the best golf players and to spend an active time while studying at boarding school.

This is a great opportunity to combine pleasure with education. We put a huge emphasize on our students extra-curricular life because we think that this is the best way for them to enjoy their life at boarding school!golf


BBS featured school offers Albert College, Belleville Canada

Belleville,CanadaBelleville is located on the mouth of the Moira River and it is the seat of Hastings County. This is also a city known as “The friendly City” which is not only a great place to visit but also a great place to stay, work, study and live!

What is more Belleville has a great position in the industrial, commercial and recreational life of Ontario. Because of its great location between Toronto and Montreal this outstanding city may be described ad referred to as “A city on the move.”

AlbertCollegeWhat is also important is that this city is constantly changing and developing and tourists may find here some new parks and recreational facilities which were built up in recent years.

This is definitely one of the best American high school which can be offered for your child! This is also one of top boarding schools in Canada which is the oldest day and boarding school in Belleville.

We want our students to have the best memories from their school years and this is why we combine pleasure with learning. At Albert College we have an indoor swimming pool, two squash courts, a fitness room and number of sports fields outside.

We also want our students to be globally oriented that is why we organize some meetings when we are talking about important issues of the contemporary world.


BBS is Presenting Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff UK

This is one of top schools in Wales! If you want to get the best education ever you should definitely choose this best boarding school.

Cardiff UKWe can offer you the best co-educational college for students who want to be the best! The college can offer its students two way of study: A levels and Summer School. It is also worth to mention that since quite a while (since 2007) all our students apply for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Don’t wait and check our school here.


One of the best boarding schools – Abbots Bromley, UK

Abbots picThis is definitely one of great and top independent schools UK can offer. This is a boarding schools for girls who can come here and learn when they are 11 years old.

Abbots pictureWe offer our students an unique atmosphere where they can learn and find out about their strong sites and make use of them. Teachers are here to give them an individual support and help them fulfil their ambitions and future plans.

At Abbots Bromley we help every child and make them feel as belonging to a one big community within safe and beautiful surroundings!