Boarding Schools – Stepping into a New Life of Educational Experiences

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Modern boarding school set-ups offer very flexible options for students and parents looking for quality education in a well-designed environment where children can thrive. Today, state boarding schools not only offer termly but also weekly boarding, which is perfect for those who want to keep family ties tighter. Weekly boarding is a great choice for parents who want to be more involved in their children’s studies and overall educational and personal development.

Boarding schools offer an entire range of benefits. In addition to the flexibility of programs, these institutions also have all the facilities and comforts that any parent and student can ask for to create a conducive residential and schooling environment. Boarding schools help students to develop independence and self-confidence, while providing them with many self-enhancing experiences.

Boarders enjoy the best of both worlds in which they can create circles of friends in both their boarding school environment and a chance to mix and mingle with locals in the area and back home. Establishing these kinds of relationships help to enhance social skills and behaviours, which are very necessary in building themselves up for the future.

Boarding schools also allow a continuity in education, especially for children whose parents are constantly on the move because of work and business or whose guardians would always work long hours, leaving them without proper supervision after school hours. Boarding school counsellors are highly trained to provide proper guidance for children and give excellent pastoral care, especially to developing teens.

Boarding also helps young children and teens to become more self-reliant, which is very crucial when they have to progress to higher school levels and to university. Time spent together when they are at home also becomes real quality time, as every member of the family can appreciate each other’s company better.


Boarding Schools – Choose Overall Development of Your Child’s Personality

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If you want your child to succeed not only academically but also personally, then you need to find a boarding school that concentrates on holistic personality development. The best boarding schools in the world do not stop at preparing their students for life in the Ivy League—more importantly, they give children a sense of culture, passion for learning, and the skills they need to be productive adults.

Find a boarding school which focuses on the overall intellectual and personality development of students so that they don’t only become smart, but also responsible citizens. The facilities should be world-class and the learning methodologies, modern. Some of the best boarding schools for personality development are set in beautiful natural surroundings, so designed to inspire students to explore new things. These boarding schools also follow the latest educational standards and instil in their pupils a high degree of self discipline without necessarily being autocratic.

In order to ensure an overall personality development, some of the best boarding schools empower their students to administer certain activities, such as computer lab or library management—a process which gives their children a sense of ownership and responsibility. Some sports events and extra-curricular activities are arranged and planned students, so that they develop leadership qualities. This kind of holistic, real-world training will help the kids in their professional career in the future, as well as at the personal front.

Choose a school the goal of which goes beyond producing the smartest graduates. The boarding school should also be committed to improve your child’s self-esteem, as well as self-empowerment. The school community as a whole, should be a supportive environment where kids are allowed to share their feelings and opinions openly. The curriculum is typically infused with a lot of group activities and even games to ensure total development of mind, body, and personality.


Know All About Christian Boarding Schools All Over the World

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Boarding schools focusing on Christian virtues and values are very common across the world and most denominations are represented, ranging from Catholic to Baptist. These schools have very close-knit community ties and academic standards that are just as impressive as, if not higher than secular schools. In fact, a good number of top schools in the world are Christian schools.

Charity also runs high at Christian boarding schools, many of which often have programs that focus on the needs of specific types of students, ranging from troubled teens to those with special needs. Christian schools have strong emphasis on the Christian faith and the study of it, which plays an indispensable role in Christian education.

Christianity is the bedrock of these schools, and their programs are designed with the belief that a child’s spiritual development is just as important as their psychological, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. This theory is one of the reasons that many Christian schools specialise in educating students that are troubled or are suffering from some condition such as ADHD, ADD, ODD, substance abuse, or depression. Christian schools with therapeutic focus have the best track record in helping troubled teens get past their troubled phase and blossom into functioning, productive, and fulfilled adults.

Christian boarding schools are private schools, which means they are free to teach any religious and faith principles that they see fit. Across the world, there are schools that offer spiritually based education, following various Christian denominations, ranging from Catholic to Anglican, Episcopalian, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, as well as non-denominational forms of Christianity. Christian schools vary widely in their emphasis of Christian values as incorporated in their curricula. Some have intensive scripture studies, while others offer a more secular approach. Nevertheless, all Christian schools have great commitment to academic excellence.


Christian Boarding Schools: A Holistic Approach Towards Educating Your Child

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All boarding schools aim to provide holistic education, but there’s probably no other type of boarding school that offers the same scope of education as Christian boarding schools. These schools offer programs that emphasize physical and intellectual development and incorporate spiritual development. Different Christian schools vary in the way faith and belief is emphasized in their programs, but some degree of focus in the Christian faith is guaranteed, thus allowing a more holistic approach to your child’s education. Here are some tips on selecting a good Christian boarding school for your child:

  • Make the decision a family matter. Enrolling your child in a denominational school will impact his or her life greatly. Insights of family members, as well as your child himself are invaluable in the decision process.
  • Christian boarding schools, just like any secular boarding schools, offer various educational styles and approaches, ranging from single sex to co-educational teaching, military to academic approaches and other programs. Remember that each child responds differently to different educational approaches.
  • Tuition is not cheap at Christian boarding schools as most of these institutions operate privately. However, many do offer scholarships and other types of financial aid, which makes it easier for parents to afford this kind of education for their children. Schools that cater to students with special needs often require higher fees, which is why it is important to consider your options before making a final decision.
  • The school’s location is another important factor to consider. Some people prefer having their children study closer to home, while attending a school farther from their hometown are more appealing to others. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Visiting your target school is a must, especially since you are entrusting your child’s education, safety, and well-being in the said facility.

Boarding Schools: Trust only the bests

A boarding school offers many advantages when compared to a public school as the state-of-art facilities provided by a boarding school are of no match to a public school. While choosing a boarding school for your child, it is important that you get all the needed information about everything related to that school from a trusted source. You will come across about global education consultants who can provide you the required information and one such is the Best Boarding School Worldwide. They are considered to be the expert in all kinds of boarding school starting from state boarding schools and boys’ boarding schools to British boarding schools and boarding schools in the USA.


Abbey College in London

This is one of the best colleges in London which will definitely meet your expectations.

This is an independent boarding school for students from every single part of the world which will prepare you for the A levels.

The main goal of Abbey College is to keep up with the ‘gold standard’ of education which is possible because of the limited size of classes. This is an opportunity for each student to be treated individually and teachers can focus on the separate needs of every child.


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