BBS featured school offers Albert College, Belleville Canada

Belleville,CanadaBelleville is located on the mouth of the Moira River and it is the seat of Hastings County. This is also a city known as “The friendly City” which is not only a great place to visit but also a great place to stay, work, study and live!

What is more Belleville has a great position in the industrial, commercial and recreational life of Ontario. Because of its great location between Toronto and Montreal this outstanding city may be described ad referred to as “A city on the move.”

AlbertCollegeWhat is also important is that this city is constantly changing and developing and tourists may find here some new parks and recreational facilities which were built up in recent years.

This is definitely one of the best American high school which can be offered for your child! This is also one of top boarding schools in Canada which is the oldest day and boarding school in Belleville.

We want our students to have the best memories from their school years and this is why we combine pleasure with learning. At Albert College we have an indoor swimming pool, two squash courts, a fitness room and number of sports fields outside.

We also want our students to be globally oriented that is why we organize some meetings when we are talking about important issues of the contemporary world.


Ballmoral Hall, Winnipeg Canada

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Winnipeg,CanadaWe can say: Whatever you want! There are plenty things to do and even more places to visit! This beautiful city of Winnipeg offers you a great pleasure of relaxing and developing culturally which is really important in a contemporary world. This city also gives you the possibility to see and participate in some great festivals! Among these you can find: Festival du Voyageur, Folklorama or Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Ballmoral Hall is a great boarding school for girls. In Ballmoral Hall you will find the IB programme which will help you to get the best education abroad!

We focus on a trans-disciplinary skills of our pupils which fastens the overall development of the child. Here at Ballmoral Hall we also offer an international awareness which enables our girls to be prepared for the expectations of contemporary world and will give them best possibilities to work abroad in the future.Ballmoral-Hall


BBS is Presenting Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff UK

This is one of top schools in Wales! If you want to get the best education ever you should definitely choose this best boarding school.

Cardiff UKWe can offer you the best co-educational college for students who want to be the best! The college can offer its students two way of study: A levels and Summer School. It is also worth to mention that since quite a while (since 2007) all our students apply for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Don’t wait and check our school here.


Abbey College With BBS

Abbey College is one of UK top boarding schools with a huge heart and dedicated for education. The aim of Abbey College is to give its students an unique education and to prepare them for the future grown up life.

Abbey College Cambridge will prepare your child for  the General Certificate of Education at A-level. At Abbey we have rather small classes because it enables pupils to be taken care of separately by teachers. The successes in education of Abbey College Cambridge students are pretty impressive and there is no necessity to add anything more. Our results have placed the college as one of the very top and best independent 6th form colleges in Great Britain. In the 2012 A-level examinations were passed with the following results: grade A* 40%, grade A*/A 72% and grade A*/B 89%.

Because we are really focused on our students education there are some methods that we follow in order to do so. First of all our teaching is concentrated mainly on successful examinations so we enable such things as: weekly testing, supporting tutorials, pastoral tutorials. Furthermore, our pupils are successful at studying law, medicine or veterinary.

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