International Boarding School: The Best Choice for Students, Why?

Sending a child to boarding school brings up feelings of uncertainty and worry, and understandably so, especially since you’ll be allowing your young child to live on their own and be responsible for their studies. Nevertheless, international boarding school education is the best choice for most students for many reasons, not the least of which is the high standard of education that they offer. Given the right choice of boarding school, your child can reap great benefits from the experience. If you are still on the fence about sending your child to an international boarding school, here are even more reasons why this is the best option for them:

  • The reign of terror of strict head teachers and house parents are over. International boarding schools nowadays offer a caring environment where children can thrive in. Pastoral care in these institutions provide a highly supportive and nurturing environment even for young attendees, so they can have a fuller and happier time in school.

  • Boarding schools open up great opportunities for children to express themselves and discover their true potential. This can be in the form of different activities designed to boost their self confidence and hone their skills and gifts.

  • International boarding schools create an incredibly diverse environment where children can celebrate cultural differences and be exposed to all kinds of worldwide traditions through their schoolmates and even through their teachers and the school staff.

  • Children become more independent while they learn to live away from the comforts of home. They discover self-reliance and learn efficient organisational and time management skills, which are critical to life outside of school.

  • International boarding schools follow strict academic standards, putting children ahead of the pack. They recommend advance courses and provide even more options for learning so students can stay ahead in terms of their academic skills.


7 Reliable Sources to Learn About Boarding Schools in Manchester

Choosing a boarding school can be a daunting decision—and one that you must take time with to ensure a sound choice. Sending away your child to boarding school for an entire academic year is much different from choosing a 2-week summer camp. Researching everything about your prospect school is critical if you want the best educational and personal growth experience for your child. Every bit of information that you gather about your boarding school of choice will give you insight into its values, philosophy, beliefs, principles, and mission. Here are places to look and people to turn to for help in figuring out the best boarding school to enroll your child in:

  • The school’s website – Never mind salesy claims, a school’s website still is one of the best places to find important information and data about the school you are considering. School websites provide a great overview of what the school offers and will lead you to the proper contacts, not to mention the proper procedure for application.


  • E-guides – There are many electronic resources you can turn to for advice on the best boarding schools in Manchester and elsewhere in the UK or even the world. The best thing about these websites is they curate many great choices to fit your criteria for a good boarding school.

  • School tours – Scheduling a school tour is also a good way to get a feel for the school you want your child to spend the year in. This will also give you the opportunity to ask students and staff first hand, about what they think of the school and its curriculum.

  • Students – Of you want honest, unadulterated reviews of your prospect school, interviewing current and former students is also a good way to get real insights from people who have been under their guidance.

  • Faculty and administration – Teachers and staff are also great resources to learn about the educational style that the school implements.

  • Online reviews – There are also websites that provide extensive reviews about boarding schools from parents, teachers, students, and boarding school alumni. These can be helpful in narrowing down your options.

  • Your child – Don’t forget to include your child in the decision. Their personal choice should be guided by all the insights you have gathered from your thorough search.

Reasons Why Parents Choose International Boarding Schools for Their Kids

Boarding schools are becoming increasingly appealing to international students, and it’s easy to see why. Many international students wish that someday they will attend a college or university in the UK or the US, and they know that they need to develop English skills, as well as become familiar with the educational system prior to college. Boarding schools offer many benefits to international students. 

First of all, boarding schools in the UK and US can drastically improve a student’s English proficiency, which is often the ticket to acceptance to the Ivy Leagues. English immersion and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are typically offered in international boarding school. Students are also immersed in an English-speaking boarding school community, attending classes, playing sports, making friends, and living with other English-speaking students. This gives international students a chance to use English on a regular daily basis. They likewise attend ESL courses designed to improve their speaking, writing, and reading ability. Unlike typical schools, boarding schools provide smaller classes and structured environments which support learning patterns of non-native English speakers.

Secondly, boarding schools help international students prepare for the Ivy League life, giving them an access to college counsellors and advisors who can assist them in choosing schools and prepare them for the application process. Some boarding schools offer special classes for those who prepare for the TOEIC or TOEFL exams, which are required of international students. A solid boarding school education can help international students succeed in the British and American universities.

Finally, boarding schools give international students the unique opportunity to meet and forge lifelong friendships with students of other backgrounds and cultures. The school community is likely to be made up of kids from different religious, linguistic, and geographic backgrounds—people that they would typically not have the chance to meet outside of school. Being a part of the school community helps international students overcome cultural barriers which are often associated with life outside your own country.