Five Small but Important Things to Observe in the Top Boarding Schools in London

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There is much mystery surrounding boarding schools, mainly because of the misconceptions people believe to be true about the nature of education in these institutions. If you are thinking about sending your child to one of the London’s top boarding schools, but are unsure what good this move is going to do for your child, read on to know about important things you should know about boarding school education:


  • Not all boarding schools are the same and out of all the different kinds of boarding institutions not only in London, but the rest of the UK, there is sure to be a facility to suit your child’s requirements and meet their expectations. The best way to find the right boarding school for your child is to take time to determine what your child wants along with their educational and developmental goals. This will make it easier for you to select the best boarding school facility to nurture their potential.


  • Boarding school teachers play an important role in your child’s development. They are the main adult figures to watch over your child 24/7. Not only are they in charge of your child’s classroom education, they are also important pillars for their personal development within the school community.


  • Boarding schools are not as expensive as many might think. In fact, many boarding school institutions offer financial aid programs to make their courses more affordable. Boarding schools’ welcome children from all strata of society.


  • Your child is in good hands. Boarding school students are under close supervision inside the boarding school. Even when they spend their days outside campus, they are typically accompanied by chaperones who can keep watch over them as they explore town.


  • Finally, children get used to boarding school life pretty quickly. They learn to love learning and discovering new things as they get used to being more independent.

Know About the Curriculum Followed in Top Private Boarding Schools in England

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The curriculum standards followed by schools in the UK can be quite bewildering to international parents wishing to send their children to study there. Boarding schools do follow the same general curriculum required by the government, but many of them include other areas of study to supplement the standard. This way, children have a better opportunity to reach their full potential.

A Level is the most common UK senior curriculum, typically taken over a period of 2 years. There are over 40 different A Level subject choice, but most of the top boarding schools in England focus on 20-25 subject areas. International Baccalaureate studies are taken by an increasing number of international students. In the last decade, more boarding schools have been including an IB Diploma Programme into their curriculum offerings, because it is a highly rated international qualification by the UCAS. Another appeal of the IB curriculum is the fact that, it is transferrable from one country to another, given they follow the same syllabus.

Pre-U is another diploma programme offered in boarding schools. This is a good choice for those who want something less generic than A Level or IB courses. The main difference of a Pre-U diploma programme to IB and A-Level programmes is that it gives students total freedom with their choice of subjects to take. The Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers curriculum are equivalent to (although roughly) the AS and A2 programmes, both of which are valid for University entry.

There are also foundation programmes, which are post-age 17 programmes that are offered by sixth form colleges as well as universities. Foundation programmes are a fast-track entry into Uni, taken over 12 to 18months. These programmes, however, are not as robust as other curriculums like the GCSE or the IB Middle Years programme, among other national curriculum programmes.


Easter weekend!

picWe think that every student at boarding schools in America or in UK knows what the Easter is all about!

The Easter weekend is in late March or early April, but the exact date changes every year. Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the day when Jesus Christ came back from the dead. It is an ancient symbol of spring and new life.

On Easter Sunday people give colored and chocolate eggs to each other and send cards. Some cities have Easter parades with games and sports and a big Easter egg hunt. Children look for dyed hard-boiled eggs hidden around the house. The President himself has an annual Easter egg hunt on the lawn around the white House.

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Choose Private Boarding School:The Highest Level of Education


Private boarding schools are famous for the highest level of education and the most exclusive boarding and residential opportunities. This is not a myth as you may think. This is fact! We are sure that you want to find the best school for your child and we are sure that private boarding schools will give you this special feeling that your child is safe and grow up in the best environment possible!

Best private schools in London have a great offer for its students. We are talking here not only about education but also about some extra-curricular activities which are great fulfilment of free time. Your child will never get bored and his or her necessity for sport will be taken into consideration! London is not only the capital of England but also a beautiful place to study in!



All about Heathfield School

Boarding schools in England for girls? The answer is YES, YES we can help you! We can help you find your boarding school which will be the best for you! Many people have some doubts whether boarding schools are not too risky for their children but we can assure you that this is actually the other way around! In such facilities your child is safe and sound! However, if you still have some doubts we can help you to get rid of them!

At UK boarding school there is always something going on! At Ascot we can already feel the atmosphere of upcoming Christmas!

On last Saturday we gave our students the possibility to see the unorthodox show of “Snow White”. The title of the play speaks for itself – “snow” is something strictly connected with Christmas and the girls were amazed and surprised to look at such a version of classic fairy tale!

This is something that we do – we combine pleasure with education and this is why our students are so proud to be a part of our school community!

We can assure you that this is one of the Best girls boarding schools in England!

Heathfield SchoolThis is a small school for girls but with huge possibilities for the future. You can feel here the atmosphere of home and you will never want to leave the people you meet here. Apart from a great education we can give our students the possibility to spend their free time in an active way. For us sport is a really important aspect of the school life and we can give our girls the best sport facilities that they can imagine.


Ballmoral Hall, Winnipeg Canada

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Winnipeg,CanadaWe can say: Whatever you want! There are plenty things to do and even more places to visit! This beautiful city of Winnipeg offers you a great pleasure of relaxing and developing culturally which is really important in a contemporary world. This city also gives you the possibility to see and participate in some great festivals! Among these you can find: Festival du Voyageur, Folklorama or Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Ballmoral Hall is a great boarding school for girls. In Ballmoral Hall you will find the IB programme which will help you to get the best education abroad!

We focus on a trans-disciplinary skills of our pupils which fastens the overall development of the child. Here at Ballmoral Hall we also offer an international awareness which enables our girls to be prepared for the expectations of contemporary world and will give them best possibilities to work abroad in the future.Ballmoral-Hall


BBS is Presenting Cardiff Sixth Form College, Cardiff UK

This is one of top schools in Wales! If you want to get the best education ever you should definitely choose this best boarding school.

Cardiff UKWe can offer you the best co-educational college for students who want to be the best! The college can offer its students two way of study: A levels and Summer School. It is also worth to mention that since quite a while (since 2007) all our students apply for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Don’t wait and check our school here.


Get details Canford School, Wimborne UK from BBS

This is one of the top independent boarding schools in United Kingdom!

ScreenshotAt Canford pupils can get the best education and are taught A levels from many years now. We treat teaching not as an obligatory part of students lives but rather trying to combine it with pleasure and involvement. We treat it as a mission to enable pupils the best academic achievements!

It is worth to know that at Canford we combine academic work of our students with some co-
curricular activities as we want them to now every single aspect of the world.


Give Your Child the Best Schooling Experience

The path of education starts almost as soon as you are born. Initially, your learning processes don’t need any certificates but once you reach the right age level, you must join a certified educational institute. The same holds for your kids. Until few years back finding the right school for your little one was a tedious task. Adding to your burdens was the huge responsibility of finding the school that’s best for your child. This is a huge decision, which most of us dread and ponder upon for quite some time before we reach to the final conclusion. At such times we realise, how badly we need someone to guide us and take us to the best options in schooling institutes.

It gets tougher when you are sending your kids to overseas boarding schools. In case of local schools, you can still collect easy information. However, with state boarding schools or overseas boarding schools, you might not have the right source to provide you with the proper range of information. Under such circumstances taking the right decision becomes tougher.  This is when some innovative brains come together to gift you all that you need to know about best schools and boarding schools for your kids, be it in your area, state or in any other part of the globe. For instance, if you plan to send your kids to the Swiss boarding schools then searching through an online directory for the top schools worldwide would be of great help.

These websites not only provide you with the best advice and guidance, they also have professional consultants who get in touch with you once you have registered with their website. They personally deal with your situation and take note of your budgetary and your kid’s personal requirements before they suggest any school to you. Be it Ireland, Scotland, UK, Belgium, Denmark or Switzerland boarding school, these online platforms provide you with complete information about the school that will address your requirements the most. Additionally, if your child is specifically talented for any extra curricular activities, then these companies provide information about schools that help in grooming these talents. While searching for the right online directory for schools you should always go for the one that guides you throughout your journey.