Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Christian Boarding Schools in UK

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A lot of misconceptions are always associated with Christian boarding schools anywhere, even in the UK. Often times, people would perceive them to be concentrated only on teaching religion and the Christian aspect of education. However, that is not entirely true. While religion remains a significant part of education in Christian boarding schools in the UK, it does not necessarily apply to the entire character of the school. This way, they are still able to produce the best students who receive high levels of education. Teachers, administrators, and school authorities are focused on developing personal culture and discipline in the students, too. Getting into one, however, can be tricky, unless you do your homework and get advice from an expert.

If you have a child who wants to study in one of the Christian boarding schools in the UK, consider consulting with a seasoned placements consultancy. Make sure that it specialises in choosing leading and reputable independent and state boarding schools. Before scheduling your consultation, consider taking note of your child’s needs and share the details with the boarding school’s placements consultancy specialist. That way, they can effectively support the application process and your child’s testing requirements.

Consider a boarding school placements consultancy specialist with an educational parent advisor team that will help you simplify the application process. You will be asked to give important details, like the name of your child, gender, and date of birth, so they can determine the year group that is suitable for him or her. They will need information on your child’s art, music, sports, and academic preferences, too. That way, you can be sure that the boarding school will not only enrich his or her learning and religion, but also his or her extra-curricular interests and hobbies.

Go for a London-based boarding schools placements consultant who can arrange to send you the brochures of Christian boarding schools in the UK, so you do not have to look them up yourself. This could save you from the trouble of visiting the UK to personally explore educational institutions with your child. Make sure that the consultancy service is free of charge but backed with unparalleled experience and the comprehensive capabilities in assisting parents find the best education for their children.


Reliable Sources to Learn About the Best Boarding Prep Schools in UK

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When pondering on which prep school to send your child to, it is imperative that you find as much information about your prospect schools as you can, so as to give them the best possible educational experience that will help them develop as a well-rounded individual, ready to take on new challenges before they enter a more demanding collegiate life. With the sheer number of preparatory schools in the UK, you need all the help and guidance you can get to make sure you are making the right decision. This is where boarding school advice from experts are most useful.


Fortunately for modern parents, the web is a such a treasure trove for information and there are many good online resources and web portals that you can turn to for information and guidance as you narrow down your choices for a prep school. Some important things that you should consider when exploring your options include:


  • The schools name and reputation – While you shouldn’t make a decision based on the school’s name alone, a school’s reputation, name, and popularity speak a lot about its track record. An institution doesn’t earn repute and prestige based on nothing. This is usually a result of years of rearing children into success, self-development, achievement, and progress.


  • Your child’s needs and preferences – Don’t forget to include your child’s wants and needs into the equation. Ask him or her about expectations they might have as they enter a new chapter in schooling. This way, you can focus on schools that offer programs that they might want to take or those that specialise in areas they want to develop the most in.


  • The school’s academic credentials – Prep schools are critical in honing your child’s skills and knowledge and preparing them for the demands of university. Choose a boarding school that can provide your child with a strong academic program so as to strengthen their knowledge base.



Myths About IB Boarding Schools in the UK

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The International Baccalaureate program has been existent for more than half a century and has long been a well-respected system for developing highly enriching and beneficial educational programs for students of all levels. This said, there are many misconceptions and myths that surround IB, causing differing opinions about the program’s appropriateness for learners. IB schools have great reputation or pedagogical leadership, high standards of learning, and student achievement, but many also believe that they may not be as applicable for certain types of schools and learners. Below are some common misunderstandings about IB boarding schools in the UK and the truth behind them:

  • An IB boarding school curriculum is strictly a university prep program – While IB programs do offer great benefits for students preparing to go to the university, they also serve as great springboards for any and all post-secondary educational programs. Some lifelong benefits to attending IB schools include gaining flexible thinking skills and marketable job skills, career opportunities, informed citizenship, and great adaptability. In fact, IB programs come in many different forms, like the PYP or primary years program for students between 3 and 11 years of age; MYP or middle years program for students between 12 and 16 years of age; and so forth.
  • IB is reserved for the best and the brightest – IB isn’t an elitist program as many believe it to be. While it does produce bright students, International Baccalaureate schools are not necessarily intended for select groups of students. In fact, they support an inclusive approach that allows for more collaborative development in all types of students.
  • IB is a difficult program – IB does offer its unique sets of challenges, but they are not necessarily difficult or impossible to overcome. In fact, it is the same challenges that enable greater development for children and students who undergo the program.

Know About the Curriculum Followed by Boarding Prep Schools in UK

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With the great diversity of curriculum and educational programs that boarding prep schools adopt, it can be difficult to find a program that best fits a child. Most parents are left bewildered by sheer confusion about these boarding school programs, which is why it pays knowing exactly what they offer. Here are some of the most common curriculum types followed by some of the top boarding prep schools in the UK:

  • A Level programs – A widely adopted senior curriculum, the A-Level program is typically taken over the course of 2 years, offering students a choice of over 40 different A-Level subjects, although the majority of boarding schools only offer up to 25 subject choices.
  • IB programs – The IB or International Baccalaureate program is a diploma program that offers international qualification. This highly rated international program is beneficial because it is transferrable from one country to the next, provided that the school you wish to enter uses the same syllabus.
  • Pre-U programs – University prep programs or pre-university programs have also increased in popularity in recent years, especially with the freedom that they provide in choosing subjects to study, unlike IB diploma programs where courses are pre-set on some level.
  • Foundation Programs – Foundation programs are post age-17 programs that are typically offered by universities or private sixth form colleges. They provide a fast-track entry to university programs, allowing course completion in as little as 12 to 18 months. However, these programs are not as full or academically robust as other curriculums and may not be accepted by the top universities. They are, however ideal for those who want to expedite entry to lower-standing UK universities.
  • Scottish Higher and Advanced Highers – Higher and Advanced Highers are exclusive systems followed by Scottish schools. They are roughly equivalent to the A2 and AS levels and equally valid for application to universities.

Awesome Things You Can Learn from the Best Boarding Schools in the UK

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More than the academic excellence that boarding schools offer, parents and students are attracted to the concept of residential schooling because of the life skills that children stand to learn as they journey through a boarding school. Beyond classroom instruction, lessons extend to include responsible independence, social skills, tolerance, self-confidence, and so much more practical skills that can truly help build up a well-rounded young adult. In addition to strong and robust academic preparation, the things that boarding school teaches help children succeed and thrive in college and life in general:

  • Boarding school education teach independence and responsibility – A child’s teenage years present the perfect time for learning responsibility in independence and boarding schools make for a great venue for promoting this kind of learning. A private boarding school is an incredible place to help students learn how to be responsible not only for their own time, but also for their possessions, and most importantly, their own well-being. Boarding schools are great places to teach self-reliance, while practicing character development in a broad and diverse community environment.
  • Boarding school education helps broaden a child’s personal views – Boarding schools are home to students that hail from all parts of the world. This means that your child will get an opportunity to share meals, classes, and sleeping quarters with an incredibly diverse set of friends, fostering relationships that transcend racial, ethnic, geographical, and gender differences. This provides students an opportunity and a privilege to share personal stories, experiences, and cultural insights with one another and broaden their personal and the world views.
  • Boarding school education boosts social skills – Another major advantage of allowing a child to attend boarding school is letting them embrace independence, while immersing themselves in the company of their peers and mentors, which can mean great for boosting their self-confidence and social interactions.

Best Boarding Schools – The best school directory

picture1It is a really interesting that things change so quickly. Boarding schools in the UK were used to be fulfilled with British students only and now they are known for the opportunities they create and international classes. Public and private boarding schools across the UK have a wide range of different students from across the globe and more and more facilities are now being recognized as international boarding schools in England. They are now becoming particularly popular with Latin American students, and BBS is really pleased with the fact that we can help more and more students from Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Africa to get into wonderful British schools offering a safe and supportive environment in which learning and developing is nothing but a pleasure!


Amazing UK!

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uklogoWhen you study in good boarding schools in England you should know everything about name forms and abbreviations.First of all, the conventional long form of the United Kingdom is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales.

However, many people use just the abbreviation UK and the conventional short form is the United Kingdom. You should know about that because after a while in boarding school you will have to start talking like a truly British people!!!

Today we shall present some interesting facts about “drinking and drinks” in the UK. We think that it might be interesting for students from best boarding schools in England. First of all, London has the credit for the first hot chocolate store ever opened. It might be surprising because we associate hot chocolate with Belgium.

drinkAnother fact is that the English drink the most tea in the world. This is definitely the fact of the day!!! When it comes to “getting drunk” it is against the law to get drunk in a pub in England and in Scotland, it is against the law to get drunk and possess a cow.

We hope that it was interesting for you!