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If you are considering boarding school education for your child, don’t forget to include Catholic boarding schools of Yorkshire in your survey and vetting process. This is especially true when an emphasis on strong core values is among your top criteria for choosing a boarding school. Catholic schools are so much more than exemplary testing aptitude, high exam results, and good graduation rates. In addition to high academic standards, these schools also provide students with learning experiences that are geared towards the development of the child as an individual. This means that children go through education not just to learn academics but also to gain strong values and principles, as well as develop their personalities and virtues as a whole person.

In this day and age when people, in general, are having a great crisis of values, parents need all the help they can get when it comes to raising virtuous and principled children and citizens who are committed to pursuing the greater good. This is exactly what Catholic teachings are all about. Some of the main reasons why parents choose to send their children to Catholic boarding schools include the school’s emphasis on both academic excellence and Catholic values, and their nurturing environment that support healthy, social relationships.

When you send your child to Catholic boarding school, you basically surround him or her not only with children also know all about self-discipline and responsible independence, but also peers who are college-bound and like them, are keen on pursuing higher education. These things are important in raising children who are responsible and motivated to succeed in life. Perhaps most importantly, Catholic boarding school education offers a great emphasis on being a follower of Christ, encouraging them to take to heart their faith and recognise the lordship of Christ in their lives—something you should seriously consider if you want your child to be nurtured both academically and spiritually as they pursue their educational career.

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