Christian Boarding Schools: A Holistic Approach Towards Educating Your Child

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All boarding schools aim to provide holistic education, but there’s probably no other type of boarding school that offers the same scope of education as Christian boarding schools. These schools offer programs that emphasize physical and intellectual development and incorporate spiritual development. Different Christian schools vary in the way faith and belief is emphasized in their programs, but some degree of focus in the Christian faith is guaranteed, thus allowing a more holistic approach to your child’s education. Here are some tips on selecting a good Christian boarding school for your child:

  • Make the decision a family matter. Enrolling your child in a denominational school will impact his or her life greatly. Insights of family members, as well as your child himself are invaluable in the decision process.
  • Christian boarding schools, just like any secular boarding schools, offer various educational styles and approaches, ranging from single sex to co-educational teaching, military to academic approaches and other programs. Remember that each child responds differently to different educational approaches.
  • Tuition is not cheap at Christian boarding schools as most of these institutions operate privately. However, many do offer scholarships and other types of financial aid, which makes it easier for parents to afford this kind of education for their children. Schools that cater to students with special needs often require higher fees, which is why it is important to consider your options before making a final decision.
  • The school’s location is another important factor to consider. Some people prefer having their children study closer to home, while attending a school farther from their hometown are more appealing to others. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Visiting your target school is a must, especially since you are entrusting your child’s education, safety, and well-being in the said facility.
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