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Looking for better ways to help your child become the best version of themselves is always a good idea and getting them the best education is one of the best ways to nurture their potential. While students can thrive just as well in day school settings, there are certain advantages to sending a child to boarding school, not the least of which is putting him or her in an environment where they can be more independent and responsible for their own decisions and actions. Below are only some of the greatest benefits of boarding school education you can consider when contemplating sending your child to an Oxford boarding school:

  • Passionate and highly qualified teachers that offer more than just advanced degrees in the subjects they teach, but a wealth of experience in teaching students from all sorts of backgrounds. The fact that boarding schools have smaller classes also help these teachers pursue more unconventional approaches to teaching and learning, while also giving ample attention to every member of the class—leaving no child left behind.
  • Excellent facilities that provide the best environment for learning. From state-of-the-art lecture halls and classrooms to extensive sports facilities, well-stocked libraries, laboratories, and workshops, boarding schools have them all, not to mention other specialised facilities designed to cater to other special programs on offer.
  • Safe living and boarding environments where children are more independent and at the same time be part of a community where they can learn compassion, compromise, and other important traits that they will need as they move forward in life. They also get to associate themselves with students of varying nationalities and those who come from cultures that are completely different from their own, allowing them to get a taste of the larger world that they are surrounded by.
  • Finally, your child will be surrounded by other children who have great academic motivations, encouraging them to pursue higher education.
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