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Teens struggling with behavioural problems or perhaps some degree of addiction (either to substances or certain activities) can very well benefit from therapeutic schooling. The United Kingdom is leading the way in therapeutic boarding school courses for children who need special attention and a more tailored approach to learning than a regular school. Therapeutic boarding schools are designed not only to provide children with a more structured education, but also important to help them overcome personal difficulties and lead them to the right path in life.

There are generally two types of therapeutic programs that these specialised schools offer, namely, residential treatment and therapeutic school programs. Depending on your child’s situation, one may be a better option than the other. Both programs have their pros and cons as well as some similarities in services. For instance, both therapeutic and residential treatment programs offer education, therapy, recreation, and lodging, although residential treatment centres tend to prescribe shorter stays than therapeutic programs.

The emphasis on therapeutic boarding schoolsis more on education and learning. Because of this, therapeutic boarding schools have a less restrictive environment, whereas residential treatment centres focus more on extensive therapy, and thus, provide residents with 24/7 supervision, which allows for greater accountability and safety.

In a therapeutic boarding school, a student’s healing process is considered an integral part of his or her education. This works well for troubled teens as they don’t need to be forced into an environment where they are expected to focus solely on their education (such as in a day school setting). Therapeutic boarding schools provide a safe environment where they can better address the underlying causes of their problems and in turn deal with their behaviours more effectively. This provides great healing benefits on top of the educational advantages that therapeutic boarding schools offer.

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