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There are hundreds of boarding schools around the world where you can send your child to. Number of these schools prepare students for higher education and college level work, earning them a title, prep or college prep school, which you will notice in many school titles. Boarding schools can either be co-educational or single-sex, although there are also some which accept and teach all-girl or all-boy students while running a separate program which offer co-educational format.

Boarding schools can also be categorised according to types of students that they accept. There are alternative or therapeutic schools which serve the needs of specific types of students such as those with disciplinary, emotional, or health/developmental issues. Schools like these often cater to children with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning abilities, as well as those in need of special therapies. These kinds of schools are run by highly skilled and credentialed staff in order to guarantee the best possible education and outcome for their students, much like any other type of boarding school. Other schools combine academics with sports or military training.

It helps looking at online resources whenever choosing a boarding school to send your child to. There are excellent online portals where you can review boarding school profiles and get helpful information on the best schools to fit your child’s needs. It is through these resources that you can begin to narrow down your choices and find the best match for your child.

Boarding schools often follow their own curriculum, but they do follow the legislated requirements for curriculum content that each school must meet, according to local standards. At least 99 percent of boarding schools exceed these minimum requirements, as they offer holistic learning and provide focus on many different aspects of education apart from academics.

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