Girls Boarding School – Is It The Right Fit for a Problematic Teenage Daughter?

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A girls’ boarding school is an educational institution where your daughter can learn independence or fulfil her need to be independent while receiving the best academic and social education, as well as sorting out any disciplinary issues. Nowadays, more and more parents send their daughters to boarding school for various reasons. If you are thinking of doing the same but are quite nervous about your decision, don’t worry—that’s perfectly normal. Talking to an educational placement consultant can certainly help clarify some misconceptions and set you on the path to choosing the most suitable school for your child.

Having a teenage daughter can be overwhelming and difficult. The pressures of being a teenager can make her act out of character. Some parents even find themselves becoming the ‘enemy’ of their daughter when all they want to do is protect her from the things that may potentially harm her. A typical teenage girl usually seeks independence, becomes less tolerant of her parents’ involvement in her life, and develops more interest in her personal appearance and what boys think about her. It may be common for her to have emotional outbursts and act hostile towards anyone who may attempt to give her advice or guide her. Not all teenage girls can overcome these issues by themselves, and they may need the professional guidance of educators and mentors in an all-girl boarding school.

Benefits of All-Girls Boarding School Education

Apart from providing a more disciplined and structured environment, an all-girls school can also provide top-notch academic training. A 20-year study in Australia revealed that girls who attend exclusive schools score 15 to 22-percent higher on standardised tests. In Britain, a look at 979 primary schools and 2954 high schools reveals that girls are able to improve their academic performance in an all-girl classroom regardless of their socio-economic status or ability.

In an all-girl boarding school, you never have to worry about your daughter being the object of sexual harassment or teasing from boys. Typically, boarding schools for girls have smaller class sizes, which mean more personalised instruction. The teachers themselves are adepts in teaching female students and dealing with teenage girls. With no boys to compete with, your daughter can feel free and to achieve her fullest potential, develop more self-confidence, and learn to socialise more effectively with her peers.

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