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Boarding school education is something that many parents wish for their child. This is mainly because of the quality and standard of education that these institutions offer. The United Kingdom is one of the most coveted destinations for international students because of its rich history when it comes to residential schooling. In fact, UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious boarding institutions all of which are consistently ranked on top of world’s best schools lists. UK boarding schools are internationally recognized, which is why more than half a million international students from some 200 nations come to the country to get a taste of what UK’s high-quality education is all about.

All these said, one drawback of boarding school education is the cost it takes to send a child to one. However, one doesn’t need to resort to refinancing their home or going in deep debt just to afford boarding life for their child. While the UK is best known for prestigious schools for the affluent, it is also home to good value boarding schools that offer the same level and quality of education at a much more affordable price. If affordable boarding education is what you are looking for, below are the top 5 UK boarding schools that offer annual fees below £30,000:

  • Oxfordshire’s Wychwood School – With full-boarding annual fees as low as £24,300, Whychwood School doesn’t skimp on exemplary education, pastoral care, and in-campus facilities and activities.
  • Brecon’s Christ College – One of the oldest in the UK, Christ College was founded in 1541 by none other than Henry VIII’sRoyal Charter. This co-ed school maintains excellent GCSE standing with at least 46% of students receiving A-level grades.
  • Devon’s Mount Kelly – Nestled on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, this relatively young school is quickly making a name for itself, following in the footsteps of its founding schools, Mount House School, and Kelly College.
  • Cornwall’s Truro High School – This all-girls high school maintains a strong emphasis on STEM subjects, including maths and physics, with students expected to take on separate sciences. Graduates from Truro High School typically get accepted to sought-after universities like Exeter, Imperial, Manchester, and Bristol.
  • Cambridgeshire’s Kimbolton School – A popular choice for international students, Kimbolton School enjoys high GCSE ratings with 56% of students receiving A-level grades.
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