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One way to ensure a great future for your child is providing him or her with the best education you possibly can. Fortunately for parents who want more options than their local public schools and private day schools, England is well-known for its top boarding schools, including gender-exclusive and co-educational schools that offer great opportunities for learning. Coed boarding schools abound everywhere in the UK. If you want to make sure you are making the right decision, here are things you should look for in a good boarding school:

  • Good track record and reputation. Do they have high rankings in terms of top university admissions? What do their former students say about their experience while in your chosen school? What are current students saying about the education they are receiving? These are important questions you should ask when weighing your options.
  • Diverse academic offerings. Perhaps your child is showing interest or aptitude in a specific discipline. Don’t hesitate to ask about academic areas where your prospect school specialises in or about additional courses your child could take. You might even be thinking about IB education. Many coed boarding schools in the UK follow the IB curriculum, giving you plenty of options should you be looking for specific academic offerings your child might flourish in.
  • School size. Every child flourishes in different types of school settings. Is your child more comfortable in a little pond or a bigger sea? A smaller class size is often seen as a better alternative to traditional class settings where children can very easily fall through the cracks without the teacher noticing.
  • School philosophy. How important is it for you to send your child to a school with the same educational philosophy or perhaps faith as you do? Many boarding schools are faith-based but there are also a lot of schools that don’t have any biases when it comes to religion, especially international schools where the student population is composed of diverse nationalities and cultures.
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