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Traditionally, boarding schools exclusively served same-gender student populations, providing boys and girls with a tailored approach to their educational needs. However, many boarding schools also recognise the advantages of a diversified, co-educational environment that creates a different dynamic where children can likewise thrive in. Co-educational schools offer something different to the table by bringing a greater variety and depth of perspectives into the academic mix, hence giving boys and girls unique and valuable opportunities wherein they can learn from each other not only on a social level but also on an intellectual level.

By choosing a coed school for your child, you invite into their lives more opportunities to learn about the real world. Coed boarding schools help better prepare children for bigger picture goals such as life in university and life as a young adult. If you want this kind of opportunity for your child, here are some things you should remember when choosing a good coed boarding school:

  • Consider your child’s schooling stage. Some schools offer education for multiple age groups, while others specialise in certain life stages. Depending on your child’s age group, he or she could be under the umbrella of a preschool, a senior school, or a sixth form college. Once your child reaches 16, your decision should likewise consider Pre-U and A-Level programs or perhaps foundational and special courses that will help them better gear up for the university.
  • Dive into the school’s academic success. One of the main reasons why parents choose boarding school for their child is to provide them with higher levels of education. Take a look at league tables and consider your preferred school’s academic standing.
  • Is your child into a particular activity or sport? Some schools also offer highly specialised curriculum for children who are gifted in other areas besides academics. Some take pride in their strong athletic programs, while others specialise in the arts or applied sciences.
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