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Buckinghamshire is a South East England county bordering Greater London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire, all of which are great boarding destinations for students seeking to get a higher level of education from the most prestigious boarding schools. Education in the county is governed by two LEAs (Local Education Authorities), of which, the Buckinghamshire County Council is among the few that still use a tripartite system, although with some revisions. The education system in the county is incredibly selective in that students and parents have great freedom in choosing courses based on their preferences as well as transferring to different schools, provided they have the right qualifications.

Just like everywhere else in the UK, Buckinghamshire has its share of exemplary boarding schools, which are known for their extensive educational programs and activities that are specially designed to usher children toward great success both in their academics, as well as their overall personal development. Boarding schools are communities where exploration, top-notch education, and personal growth are top priorities. They are schools that offer an abundance of enriching programs and activities as well as facilities that contribute greatly to children’s learning.

Moreover, parents and students are drawn to boarding schools because of the sense of responsibility and independence that the boarding school model teaches and develops. By attending boarding school, children are given the opportunity to navigate their life independent of parents as well as siblings and relatives. This means doing their own laundry, getting up in the morning for class, and being responsible for their school work and other activities they choose to get involved in. In the absence of their real parents, boarding school students have house parents and peers who serve as their support system as they learn how to do live apart from their immediate family. This helps them better prepare for what life will be like in university and when they finally go out to the real world to become members of society.

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