Know About the Procedure to Get into an Elite Boarding Schools in England

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Different boarding schools follow different procedures for accepting student applications, but most of them look for a lot of the same things. As you begin your selection process, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Submit your application way ahead of the deadline – Elite boarding schools in England appreciate punctuality. Waiting until the last minute to send in your application is not a good idea, so unless you have good reason for the delay, make sure that your documents are completed well before the deadline for admissions. Additionally, the sooner schools’ admission officer can get your file, the sooner the review process will start, so submit your application files and all other supporting materials as soon as they are complete.

  • To make sure you are able to submit your application with time to spare, give recommendation forms to your teachers early on and never only a week or so before they are due for submission. This will give them ample time to accomplish their recommendation.

  • Testing is an important factor in boarding school admissions. If you can, schedule testing at least a month before your deadlines. While walk-ins and last-minute sign-ups are often allowed, it is best to have everything ready way ahead of schedule so you can have plenty of time to review and prepare for testing. Remember that admission exams are an important gauge on how students will perform at the school in question hour.

  • Schedule school visits early so you can get a more thorough tour of the grounds. Any date towards the end of the calendar year will be crammed with applicant appointments so grab the opportunity early in the school year so you can have a more personalized tour of the school and its facilities.

  • Apply to multiple schools. Putting all your eggs in one basket is a recipe for heartache in case your application isn’t accepted. It’s good to have back-up schools or second and third choices so you can choose between multiple schools to enter.
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