Know About the Rules Followed in Elite Boarding Schools of UK

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Boarding schools enjoy such high regard because of the prestige they offer. Not only are these schools popular because of their name and repute, they are also known for steering students straight and providing them guidance so they reach their full potential. These residential private schools allow students greater independence as they live in dormitories either within the school campus or in its immediate vicinity. Resident houses have dorm parents, who are also a part of the school’s administration or its educational faculty. Dormitories are run and supervised by the very members of the school staff, typically the children’s teachers and coaches, providing residents pastoral guidance as they spend their days in school. School tuition usually includes everything from their actual educational fees to room and board, and at times, their daily meals, which are typically taken in a dining hall.

Elite Boarding schools in the UK are notorious for their strict rules, but contrary to what most people believe, they are not akin to prison. While it is true that boarding school students are expected to follow highly structured days, they also enjoy a great deal of freedom to explore their independence and discover their passions. In a boarding school, study times, athletics, meal schedules, activities, as well as free periods come pre-determined, much like in a regular school. However, they also enjoy residence life—a unique component to the system that makes the entire boarding school experience attractive to students and parents. Being away from the traditional comforts of home enables a child to learn coping mechanisms that increase their confidence and develop their independence.

In the UK, boarding schools accept students at a much younger age than any other place  in the world. For instance, British boarding schools accept primary students all the way through high school as opposed to American boarding schools, which typically start at 10th grade.

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