Know All About Christian Boarding Schools All Over the World

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Boarding schools focusing on Christian virtues and values are very common across the world and most denominations are represented, ranging from Catholic to Baptist. These schools have very close-knit community ties and academic standards that are just as impressive as, if not higher than secular schools. In fact, a good number of top schools in the world are Christian schools.

Charity also runs high at Christian boarding schools, many of which often have programs that focus on the needs of specific types of students, ranging from troubled teens to those with special needs. Christian schools have strong emphasis on the Christian faith and the study of it, which plays an indispensable role in Christian education.

Christianity is the bedrock of these schools, and their programs are designed with the belief that a child’s spiritual development is just as important as their psychological, physical, emotional, and intellectual development. This theory is one of the reasons that many Christian schools specialise in educating students that are troubled or are suffering from some condition such as ADHD, ADD, ODD, substance abuse, or depression. Christian schools with therapeutic focus have the best track record in helping troubled teens get past their troubled phase and blossom into functioning, productive, and fulfilled adults.

Christian boarding schools are private schools, which means they are free to teach any religious and faith principles that they see fit. Across the world, there are schools that offer spiritually based education, following various Christian denominations, ranging from Catholic to Anglican, Episcopalian, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, as well as non-denominational forms of Christianity. Christian schools vary widely in their emphasis of Christian values as incorporated in their curricula. Some have intensive scripture studies, while others offer a more secular approach. Nevertheless, all Christian schools have great commitment to academic excellence.

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