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The UK is well known for being home to some of the best boarding schools in the world. In fact, many international parents choose English boarding schools to entrust their children’s secondary education too. The British Isle’s reputation for good education is one that’ is very well deserved, with the UK being home to highly regarded and prestigious boarding schools, which are often seen as the best paths toward Ivy League universities.

While it can be difficult to find definitive rankings for boarding schools in the UK, many online resources make it easier for parents to sift through their main choices. These online portals provide parents with excellent resources to help guide them through their vetting process. When looking for top English boarding schools, one of the main concerns for parents is the percentage of graduates that get accepted into top UK universities like Cambridge and Oxford. With some research, you’ll find rankings of the best boarding schools that have high placement percentage for top universities of your choice.

Most school rankings available online typically look into student’s test scores. These are great pieces of information if you are trying to look for schools that offer a good focus on academics. However, it is important to remember that boarding schools shouldn’t be all about academic standing. You want a boarding school that caters to the overall development and wellbeing of your child.

Other rankings, still provide valuable information about class sizes and the number of students that schools let in per class. The average class size for some of the UK’s top schools is 12—an ideal number for ensuring good focus on each child’s learning. Just the same, a small class size alone isn’t a guarantee that a child will achieve better grades. The best approach towards choosing a good boarding school in the UK is to find the best fitting school and programme that cater to the overall needs of your child.

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