Myths About Private Boarding Schools in London

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Boarding schools are riddled with many misconceptions, no thanks to how these prestigious institutions are often portrayed in books, TV, movies, and pop culture. Fortunately, parents are smarter and savvier these days and don’t readily believe the stigma associated with them. That said, there are still many lingering misconceptions about boarding school education preventing parents from seeing the true advantages of enrolling their children in one:

  • The first myth that needs immediate busting is that boarding schools are extremely expensive and thus, are only for the very wealthy. While it is true that boarding school education costs a lot, there are also ways to ease the burden for those who may not have huge trusts in the bank but still want the advantage of boarding school exclusivity. Nowadays, at least a third of boarding school students in London and the UK receive some form of financial aid, relieving them of a huge portion of their tuition. This makes boarding school education more accessible.
  • Another myth you’d typically hear about private boarding schools in London is that they offer less diversity. Just because many boarding schools are gender-exclusive doesn’t mean that they don’t offer diversity. At least a quarter of all boarding school goers are international students, making the population as diverse as possible and providing students great opportunities to interact with people from all over the globe.
  • Perhaps one of the most ridiculous misconceptions about boarding schools is that these institutions are stiff and rigid, given their strict rules and curfews. What many people don’t realize is that all schools impose these kinds of rules, and that they are purposefully put in place to teach students important life principles and virtues. Boarding schools are in fact a lot of fun despite their strict adherence to policies, providing students with a great deal of freedom to express themselves and explore their potential.
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